Evolve freezes after 2.10

I set all configurations on Minimum, turned off V.Sync, set resolution on the 1280x720 (with actual 1366x768) but game freezes in the middle of the match over and over again! This makes me to reboot my Dell laptop over and over again!
I redownloaded Evolve Stage 2…and nothing changed…
I was playing Evolve Stage 2 fine RIGHT before patch 2.10 came out(
What am I supposed to do?

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if you think so, than okey(

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It’s because it’s a bug with Evolve itself, not the forums :smiley_cat:

Do u have any solution for my problem?(

No, you’ll have to ask a dev, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Dev’s plz, don’t leave me alone! I don’t want to stop playing Evolve!

Hi there!

Can you post your DXDiag please?

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Sorry for russian language…

Everything seems OK…isn’t?

I had random, rare freezes for up to two seconds in the previous versions of Evolve. Since ~ patch 2.06.

I have

  • Intel i5-4690K (3,5 GHz)
  • nVidia GTX1070
  • 16 GB RAM

All settings on medium except “Model detail” which is on very high.

your freezes lasts 2-3 sec. Mine lasts till the reboot

That’s even worse. Sorry about that. :frowning:

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well…do u have any suggestions?

If you haven’t already, try the solutions here: TRS Forum - Self-Help Tech Support

Hope this helps :smiley:

Edit: Oh and make sure all your drivers are up to date too!