Evolve Free Weekend - 4th-7th Sept on Xbox, 3rd-7th Sept on PC

So my buddy wants to try evolve and I told him about the weekend, he doesn’t own evolve does he have to download a demo or something in the marketplace or what?

As long as he’s on PC or X1, once the official time starts he’ll be able to download evolve for free and play all weekend. Come Monday the content will be locked unless he decides to buy it.

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We didn’t get the DLC because there were issues with the coding on the ps3 that they were having at that moment so we got them in reverse order, like a month late.

It was something along those lines…

Hmm hard to say why ps4 is not included but it might be some Sony, ps4 policy thing.Look at Fallout 4 mod support.Todd Howard and Pete Hines said there is no timeframe on when and if mods will come to ps4.They said they are trying but thats about it.Maybe Sony is against it or something…but who knows.

I’ve always been a fan of nvidea, and currently own a 970 which has treated me quite well. However, I’ve heard a number of rumblings suggesting that AMD cards will offer significantly superior performance on DX12 titles.

Hotfix for this weekend is coming

Live on PC as of this posting, and scheduled for Xbox and PS4.

Where’s meteor goliath?

Meteor Goliath will be unlocked on the 3rd of September

But today is the 3rd.

No today is the 2nd, all times stated in news are in west coast US time.


I don’t think that it’s quite as simple as that. What you have to remember is that the XBone will basically be running Windows 10 when FO4 releases, so it’s a relatively simple process to make PC mods for FO4 compatible with the XBone version, whereas with the PS4 doesn’t have that, so they need to come up with something from scratch.

Not saying that there’s not an element of Sony reluctance, but I don’t think it’s the only reason.

@LadieAuPair has said that it was not TRS’s intention for PS4 to not be included in this free weekend, but for reasons (they can’t go into) it didn’t happen. They wanted it to happen, but it’s not. It’s sad, but it’s what it is.


Yeah who knows,not that i care.

Indeed, I can personally take or leave mods, myself. But I know a fair few people that swear by them.

Not to be a Debbie Downer but I’m sorta glad that the PS4 isn’t getting a free weekend to play (I have the DLC so that’s not an issue) the reason being is I would rather not have matches with people that are starting fresh and don’t know anything [i have no problems playing with lower ranks if they know what they’re doing]
But, those that don’t own the DLC characters it’ll be nice to let them try them out some more and maybe bring in more revenue for TRS as well!
Meteor Goliath HYPEEEEEEE
Edit: if I were monster I would definitely not go easy but I wouldn’t choose my best either, I’d go Goliath seeing how he’s my least played and has the lowest w/l ratio when compared to the others.

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And I suppose the world isn’t round, doesn’t rotate on its axis, and doesn’t orbit the Sun? ^.-

Will I be able to preload the game on the Xbox One? The thing has notorious slow download speeds sometimes and I’d like to be able to kick ass from the minute the weekend goes live!

Title is wrong for Xbox times.

Xbox One free weekend begins at 12:01 AM PDT on September 4, 2015 and ends at 11:59 PM PDT on September 7, 2015.

I am glad they are doing the free weekend on a holiday weekend. It will be interesting to see how many people play.

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