Evolve - Free to Play


Heres my suggestion, use a system like league of
leagends or cs:go. Bare with me here, if they released the game for free
didnt force us to pay for the rest if the game such as buying
unlockable charaters or monsters this game would be better. Or, if they
made an in-game currency to even purchase the characters or monsters
would help. if not have a 1-2 months unusable for the new character/monster
release with and early access to play the character and after a set
amount of time it becomes free, or costs more in-game currency
to get it sooner. that way we aren’t spending a fortune
just to play an incomplete game, which most people already bought for
$70-$100, not including the DLC’s. i mean if your looking for free
revenue at least make it about esthetics, not for the completion of the
game. Everyone likes to buy skins for the favorite characters. So
continue to make alot of different skins and new charaters with an
in-game currency, early access(free after some time), and buy able
skins. As for new players, they have to unlock charaters by purchasing
with in-game currency or real $$, and have a rotation on whos playable
every biweekly. Now with the current players that have actually purchased the game,
you give them all the characters from now on that come out as a vip pack for sticking
and keeping the community alive. In my opinion this would actually save this game.
put abit more advertisement to publicise the games going free with a new system.
And i honestly believe that this game will come back.

Tell me what you think guys, i dont want this game to die. This game was very fun and enjoyable.
if you use my idea turtlerock studios, i would be very happy and even start playing again.
obviously, this idea isnt going to be easy. There must be a reason that this hasn’t happened with
the PC community situation being this hazardous. Well i hope if you didn’t think of this option, i do hope
at least you consider it.

Official Evolve Free to Play Thread
Pro/Con's of Evolve going free 2 play

Answer to question in title: no

In all seriousness, this would most likely deter them even more than it does currently.


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I won’t say anything, because the last thing I said something about population it got flagged and got 30 likes lol


O.O talk about controvert.


hmmmm… i still find matches online so… NO
a game is dead if nobody play it


Wasn’t evolve on sale for like 10$ recently?

Damn paywalls!


It was up until a moment ago, they should have kept the sale for at least a whole week.


A F2P system put into place this late into the game’s life wouldn’t have an effect, unless 2K gave TRS so much money they would be able to make it to 10th tier and then make it F2P.
For F2P, only 5 tiers of characters (not counting adaptations cause they are wildcards) wouldn’t be enough for a F2P system like that of LoL or Smite.
Games like that have dozens of characters, not 25.


Games like Evolve that follow the “traditional” model, measure success by the number of game copies, or units, that are sold. F2P games measure their success by the number of people PLAYING the game, and keep playing the game.

Evolve doesn’t have the player base to sustain a F2P system. You may argue that it could bring new players back or new ppl to the game, and sure it would. But probably not enough. Plus, I would be a bit salty after spending so much on this game already and then it goes free? Yeah, not a happy camper I would be.

I strongly believe that just because a few games are super successful as F2P, does not mean that every game will be. Not to mention, Evolve’s base game is $10 right now, so it’s already practically F2P. The Ultimate Edition already came out too, which includes all the character DLC available. So what would they offer for micro-transactions if it was F2P? Like @BearStream said, they’d need a big investment and time to make more characters in order to make up the difference and later profit off purchases.

You’d still buy the skins as usual, that wouldn’t change. Would they make you pay for maps even though they’ve stated that maps will always be free? Game modes? How many game modes, real fun games modes, would actually be feasible to make? Would you then have to pay for adaptations, which are currently free, too?

I don’t think people have thought through some of these things.


[size=4]Just for the record, a dosen is 12, so Evolve already have over two dosen characters.[/size]


I really had to zoom in to read that one…


I said dozens. As in multiples of 12. :wink:


Technically Evolve does have dozens of characters.


I did mention in my first post that I didn’t include adaptations as they would be a wild card, how would they work in a F2P style? So many ways and I wouldn’t know the answer.
But as of now, we have 5 tiers of 5 characrer, so we have 2 dozen characters, but only 5 monsters and 20 hunters.


Quality over Quantity. You think that LOL got a good systhem? Look at the player-bace. Only really tough games may keep the quality of there community and no game that cares about pubs can reach this point.


Evolve has at least 2 dozens of characters, like you said; this means it has dozens of characters. And that number will only increase in the future.


In total. But there are players who solely play monster and soley play hunters.
Aside from adaptations, hunters barely get close to 2 dozen (compared to other games, that is pitiful if Evolve started F2P) and only 5 monsters.
And aside from adaptations, the number most likely won’t be increasing.


20 hunters… Each with 3 unique abilities/weapons… Hundreds of ways to combine the hunters into different teams. I’d say that’s quite a large amount of ways to play the game. Not one match is the same. I wouldn’t call any of that pitiful.


But you see, when It is a f2p game, quality isn’t everything. There needs to be stuff to keep players going, lots of content for them to stride for. That’s why games like Smite, with is both fun and lots of heroes, is so popular, such as Warframe, World of Tanks, etc.