Evolve Free on Games for Gold on XBox One Guide


So Evolve is free this month on XBox via Games for Gold, and there is a recent influx of some new forum members or some old ones lurking. This is just a quick heads up as to some of the things people might have missed.

TRS is no longer in control of the development of Evolve.

This means that this forum is primarily for TRS related questions or community content. If you are having problems with Evolve then it’s best to either contact 2K via their official forums or by submitting a help ticket.

While dedicated fans still lurk here and can answer questions, the TRS staff has no control over bugs or exploits, thus it’s best to contact 2K as they hold the rights and can offer more help.

2K Evolve Support Section of Forums: https://forums.2k.com/forumdisplay.php?566-Evolve-Support

2K Ticket Center: http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to read the rules and guidelines, and enjoy the hunt! :bucket_salute: :cabot: :emetoh:

Guidelines/ new user help: TRS Forum Guide - New User Help


Wait it got ported? For real?

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Woah what?!

Did it get ported to PS4 too?!


Turns out it’s just free on Games for Gold on XB1 :frowning:

My source was wrong, but that explains the fewXB1 threads that have been popping up.

@CptBoomBoom @SnakeSound222


There has been a thread for this for the past three weeks already.

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Then I’m a little slow. Anyways people can just be linked to this thread as the small few threads that pop up calling for help.

Anyways I’ll let @moderators handle it.


Here’s a link for the other thread by the way

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