Evolve frame rate dips

Hey TRS forums. Thanks to SledgePainter I’ve decided to return to Shear and take Goliath and Behemoth for a spin. For the most part, it’s been as fun as it ever was, the nostalgia was real. However, I’ve been getting some pretty nasty FPS drops - sort of expected it on Distillery what with all the snow, but it happened on Wraith Trap too. Any suggestions? I can post my specs if it’s helpful.


Are your graphics settings set to medium? Maybe it’s because you set them to high or very high, everytime I set them to high/very high, my game freeze.

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Usually I run it on high but my computer should be able to handle that. Maybe not. I’ll try setting it to medium if I play later.

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Sounds like Legacy…
The only frame hits I get are on one of my fav arcade maps. Cataclysm

Nope. Stage 2.

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System specs, also settings would help

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Ok, ready for some fun…

#1 you are using an AMD Radeon GPU
#2 There is some sort of Overlay used to load games, Raptr is an example of this.

disable overlay.

These were originally my circumstances but I have actually ran into this many times with Stage 2.(and same problems as you)

If this is the case make sure you don’t let extra things load that hit your games (raptr likes to adjust grfx settings for performance)

so maybe it helps you too.

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I have uninstalled Raptr, but I am using AMD Radeon. I could not reinstall Raptr on subsequent attempts and am using an alternate AMD created mean of updating my drivers. I would check rn, but I also currently unable to do so due to a power shortage in my area.

May I suggest this, disable the radeon software and run your games off of native drivers.

Below is the video where i show a frame rate drop glitch i had to send the trs.

oh shi… i just remembered… sometimes in the settings, the v-sync would turn on by itself. Turn that OFF!

Just ask 2K to fix it, I’m sure they’ll listen.

Oh, I know. What if we flood them with all the videos of bug reports? From the oldest to the newest. That could annoy them * machiavelic laugh *

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Just ask a brick wall to fix it, I’m sure it’ll listen


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Your trick worked. I adjusted my graphics a bit lower and set my V-sync off. Runs like a gem now. Thanks a ton!


Glad I could help ^.^

Fullscreen or borderless?

Garratose, my problem was fixed 3 days ago.


Why did you send this to me twice? :stuck_out_tongue:

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