Evolve Forums:Stop calling for a nerf on everything!


Abe OP. Parnell OP. Wraith OP etc. Stop. I want my wraith to stay the way it is. Its beatable. Stop complaining


I agree. The cries for nerfs always come too early imo and that’s true for every game not just this one. Nobody gives it time for counter strategies to develop and deepen the gameplay. People want instant gratification. Its easier to shout nerf loudly and early than it it to sit down and think about ways to counter these “op” tactics.


I pick wraith because i know people will complain. If they dont then i pick something else as a reward.


We really shouldn’t be doing this yet, I agree. This game is far too complex to make these judgements this early into release.


Well that’s another thing altogether. I just hope that the devs don’t cave into what I suspect is a very vocal minority. I mean seriously, the game has been out for 1 week. Most people aren’t comfortable enough with their roles yet to even claim that something is broken. Give it a few weeks and let the community grow and learn a bit before the nerf bat gets dusted off.


Thread OP, nerf incoming


One of these days, I just want someone to post a ‘Kraken is OP’ thread.

Then you enter the thread and find out the original poster is named kraken, and his message is simply “hey guys.”


Oh yeah… Hey, remember when “Kraken OP plz nerf” was all the rage? Hehehe, good times, amirite boiz?


Aren’t you a generous guy.


i really am. I really am. I REALLY AM!


Right? “Waaaaah! I want the game easy for me!”
Is a good Abe hard to beat? Yup. He can keep you running. But if you get away, and in all that running he does what I usually do and forget to shoot animals along the way, that Abe is screwed. It’s not like his stasis grenades stop a monster like the harpoons do. Wraith is tough, but it’s true, the thing can die. I’ve seen it. I’ve done it.


And then he offers you a cup of soup, maybe a drink.


And I go “damn decent of you” and we enjoy a fine talk about the goings on of the times.


Nothing is really OP. People call everything OP just because they’re facing well-skilled players, and the first thing they assume “Maggie is OP!”


I also like how a lot of “OP complainers” think they play perfect games themselves.

First look at yourself and your team and improve, learn and adapt. Had so many games lost by just healers not topping off others in between fights, assaults loafing around killing wildlife or teams spreading out too much.

Also even though I play mostly pugs the game should not/never be balanced around pick up groups.


Well the vast majority of OP complainers want an experience catered to THEM and only them. I saw a forum where monsters complained about how Lazarus’s ability to remove strikes prevents them from playing the way they want to, and how that isn’t fair and that it should be removed SO THEY CAN HAVE MORE FUN FUCKING WITH PEOPLE.


It’s really not though. All the characters are fine to me except for Lazarus and Wraith. Both significantly op.


No difference then what you’ll read about on fighting game forums. It won’t go away. There will be the competitive audience who will recognize the difference between balance and broken game mechanics.

Then the general audience that will not delve into forums or search out videos. The challenge for TRSis to find a way to cater to both.


Redundant threads are OP



Yup I’m just waiting to bathe in the “BEHEMOTH IS OP” threads