Evolve Forums Copyright


So I was doing some research for a paper and I used The Forums as an example and I saw that 2016 was the copyright on the forums. @mizx When does is expire and do you plan and to keep it up?


Do you mean the footer copyright notice that people put on websites?
Because that’s just a humble notice to basically state your claim over a site, and not something that’s required.

You just change the year on the copyright notice every year and keep it up to date.


You have to pay for ownership though right?




I’m not sure if there are fees, but usually you want to register at the US Copyright Office for your intellectual property like 2K has most likely done for “Evolve.”

EDIT: Are you talking about the TRS website though? I don’t think the forums have a copyright notice.



Yeah, that’s on the TRS official website.
It’s also 2016 right now so it’s correct. It should always say the current year.


I believe because it falls under Discourse copyright. TRS just owns the domain, while the actual files are stored on a Discourse Server Farm (big room with many servers). On the actual Evolve site, there is a copyright.


Okay cool, just got a tad bit worried there if it should be renewed or changed. Thanks skills :slight_smile:


Research for a paper from our forums? What’s your paper about? Inquisitive minds want to know :slight_smile:


My paper was about plagiarism and how to properly cite a source and when to cite a source


People have set it to whatever the current year is in order to make it apparent that the content is new, but my understanding is that the copyright year signifies “Copyright applicable from this year”. It’s all moot in real terms for most people, but I think that if you were properly following the rules you’d put the year from which the content on that page wa created.

On blogs and such this means it probably makes sense to put the current year in, unless you know the blog was written and uneditted from a previous year, then you should probably use the year of it’s last edit/creation as the copyright year…



You’re possibly thinking of trademarking and/or registering; There’s no cost to list content on your site as Copyright. Do note that they’re only copyrighting their content, not the content we personally post on their site.


Most sites don’t actually change it every year and just use either JavaScript or a value from the server to set the current year always. That way you don’t have to worry about pushing out an updated version of the site on New Year Day every year to change something that trival.