Evolve for the NX?


Ok if any turtle rock studios people are reading this you need to hear me out. The Nintendo nx is supposed to come out sometime this year and be stronger than the PS4 (supposedly) and I really love playing this game on the Xbox one at MY FRIENDS HOUSE but I would really love it if this came out for the nx this year and that it has a sequel in a year or so! Please don’t give up on this game it is so amazing it has truly changed my gaming experience! I also posted a wraith variant idea if you want to look at that but if my variant comes true or not this has to or else I will be very very sad


Doubt the resources and development time is worth it for another console even for Nintendo, and TRS is working on a brand new game so a sequel is already out of the question.


Hey does anyone know if the pc version has an ultimate edition?


The PC has a “PC Monster Race” edition which includes all of the DLC characters except for the Behemoth.


How do you buy dlc on the pic version anyway?


Through the store in game :slight_smile: You can buy things like the PC Monster Race edition on Steam


Oh sweet that’s cool I never knew that


This might be something for 2K. @MacMan, @Gertz, would converting Evolve to a new system be feasible?


I will be shocked if they do make it for NX.