Evolve for just 6€!



Spread the word!


Jesus Croatia! 90% OFF?! That’s a huge deal (Pun intended)


isn’t the game like 20 dollars without sales ?


I’m telling the Smite forums about this. Even if you don’t particularly want the game, it’s 6 bucks. That’s such a good offer, I can’t imagine anyone would refuse it.


I don’t know for sure but it says original price on the website is 56$


you know what why dont you tell the minecraft forums


They can’t run this game on their mommies MacBook Air.


true indeed true


You are getting ripped the fuck off if anyone buys it at that price. Its $10 at gamestop so that 90% off should be a dallor. Not aaying that everyone should price it by gamestops values but yeah.


I’m not on the Minecraft forums. Besides, Minecraft is a much more casual game than Evolve. Their playerbase likely hasno interest in anything so competitive. They’d do more harm than good.


I know the overwatch community and true story


How’s getting it for 6€ a rip off? It doesn’t matter what was the original price. It’s 6 fucking euros!


No i meant the 56 not the 6 :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to buy this and make a new steam acc username Terepin_sent_muh. :dizzy_face:


Almost had a heart attack LOL


In the description for that it claims that the new monster character will be free with this Expansion Pack, but I haven’t seen any news for a new monster after the Gorgon. What’s it talking about?


It’s Behemoth.


Behemoth is old though, isn’t he? It says it’s a new monster on the site, and I assume that the description is properly updated.


The description is correct. This is basic package, so Bob is DLC character you will get for free.