EVOLVE FOR ANTS: Window size bug

This went one for three reboots.

…I can honestly say that I’m not surprised.

HOW did you manage this?

I honestly don’t know.

Have you fixed it? You might need to go into a file to set a certain resolution if not

It’s fixed now, but I think it’ll come back soon.

I had that happened to me few times.

It usually happens when I Alt+Tab during the loading screen. It stays like that for a bit, but after few more Alt+Tab and random clicks it goes back to normal.

This happens to me a lot while streaming. I have my game full-screen mode on my right monitor, if I Alt+Tab during loading, then tab back in during loading this happens. I just spam Alt+Tab until it fixes itself.

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Ant monster for T5 confirmed.


TRS stealing their marketing ideas from Marvel now?

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Just hope you don’t have to sniff out footprints!

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I used to have this glitch! I forget how I did it though… I tried playing a game like that and it just did not work out lol :smile: I wish I could do it again.

It have been a minor issue since launch. Honestly, this was what I thought people where talking about when they said the minimize bug, but I guess that is something else then.

Alt-tabbing a couple of times usually solves it.

Same problem for me, alt tab resolves the problem


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