Evolve for 20$ on gamefly :)


Just thot Id spread the word. thats a steal. and everyone should get evolve and play haha


Yo, I was just thinking about buying a couple copies for my friends from Gamefly.


I would.

If I had friends.


But isn’t Gamefly only for renting games? :frowning:


iv turned mine off for like 6 months now. they offered me these low prices still.


They sell new and used games as well.

Here is a link- https://www.gamefly.com/#!/game/Evolve/5007355


Yeah, anyone can buy games from them. If you want to rent it you have to sign up for a membership.


That’s depressing.


Yeah, kinda sad to see it for such a low price. But I am hoping that this will get the game into more peoples hands.

I guess they will still make money on the DLC in the long run.


What platforms is gamefly on?


Gamefly rents and sells for all platforms but the $20 Evolve is on PS4 and XB1. This is for a used copy.