Evolve Football Team


The Monster Team has arrived!!

Goliath- The offence
Behemoth- The defence
Wraith- The cheerleader
Kraken- Water boy (get it?)


MAMMOTH BIRD!!!- The mascot


Goliath is probably the QB


Why not make Wraith the QB, she can warp to the end zone. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wraith is definitely the running back, who needs to run when you can warp?


^^This. (I don’t watch football)


Same here, I know more about the cell structure of an apple than I know about football…


Haha. I don’t either. I just made this thread because the NFL theme song is stuck in my head


Offensive Line

Goliath: Quarterback
Kraken: Wide Reciever
Wraith: Running Back
Behemoth: Center

Defensive Line

Goliath: Cornerback
Kraken: Safety
Wraith: Outside Linebacker
Behemoth: Middle Linebacker


QB: Goliath - Dude drops dimes with this rock throw so he know he can aim
WR: Kraken - Run fades all day, no one can match his hops
RB: Wraith - Basically the monster version of Jamaal Charles
Oline: Behemoth - enough said

Dline: Behemoth - again enough said
Linebackers: Goliath - Try running down the middle through this guy, not going to happen
corners: Wraith - Has the speed to keep and lock down anyone
Safeties: Kraken - No one can get past his deep zone

Coach: Daisy


Yeah, not sure… Know nothing of football.


Opened this kind of interested before realising that my (UK) football isn’t your (US) football :laughing:


She’s be a wide receiver then :slight_smile: