Evolve fixes page


Wouldn’t it be great if TRS would keep us in the loop as to game fixes? By this I mean a TRS page listing game or hardware issues and give an estimated DATE but also bug status.

ACCEPTED: As in acknowledge it’s product related and not user created.
WORKING: This is kinda obvious
TESTING: Don’t wanna break something else
RELEASING: Again Obvious

Then we don’t have to sit an wonder “Oh wonder when this will be fixed, or wouldn’t it be nice if they fixed that?”


From my experience it’s never as simple as saying when something will likely be fixed when talking software development/coding. You can estimate it, but other factors can get in the way. A team will only have so many man hours to work, some of this will be ear-marked for future development rather than testing/maintenance…you can say a bug might be fixed in 1 month, but what if 10 more critical bugs come in before that?

Bug trackers are cool though, and they allow people to get involved in helping to hone in on specifics and reproducibility of problems. There’s a reason, though, that I think Valve rarely mentions timescales any more. This field is fraught with unknown unknowns that can tank your estimates and cause people to jump to the wrong conclusion about why you haven’t hit the “deadline”


Interesting concept. We would provide information like this post launch to the degree that we can. We wouldn’t want players getting frustrated with something that isn’t working properly AND have no messaging to say we’re fixing it / aware of it.


Could be as simple as posting stickies in the report a bug section and updating every Friday just so we know there’s someone at least looking at it.