Evolve First Impressions


So, I didn’t always think Evolve was going to be a great game, actually when I first saw that fateful issue of Game Informer, I never realized that that magazine would change the way I would see the rest of 2014. When I first saw the cover was “great, another stupid a** horror game that I’ll never look at again”. A few weeks later I was bored and decided to take a more thorough look at Evolve in that article. Before I had simply skimmed through it and I thought the monster was AI. That was what changed my whole look on Evolve, it wasn’t 4v one AI, it was an actual 4v1. It was only at this realization that Evolve actually Evolved from some puny little thing I threw into a corner into this monstrosity that is looming on the horizon, overshadowing everything around it. This has been my impressions of Evolve and I’d like to hear everyone else’s stories on how this game has sucked you in.


I LITERALLY just posted what I had to say in the other thread, coincidentally! :laughing:


My first impression was pretty positive straight away. I’m not a fan of PvP shooters but the concept hooked me immediately. I was still pretty anxious to see gameplay though, its all well and good sounding awesome on paper but I needed to see it played to be fully convinced.


Pretty much as you said but a friend described it to me first (I don’t get Game Informer) and yea when I heard it was 4 vs 1 monster and balanced around the 1 player being equal to an entire team (and eventually growing to be MORE powerful) that sold me right there.

Everything else has just built the hype for me to legendary levels, lol.


I don’t remember how I heard about Evolve if I’m honest, but I remember when I heard it was by the creators of L4D I was interested straight away. When I decided to look up the cinematic trailer though and research what it was about that’s when I was really hooked. I only really found the forums as well by going on the Turtle Rock website, so I’m glad I did that


I saw it the day it was announced from Official Playstation Magazine’s website.
I watched the trailer and read some info and I just knew this was the game I’d always wanted


i think i was board at work so i was looking up stuff on my phone using broad terms (new movies, games, etc) and i stumbled on to the happy hunting trailer and was so and so about it i liked the trailer and Mother has always been a amazing song but when i got home and had access to good internet and speakers and monitor i watched it one more time thinking it was kinda cool the first time then did some digging and saw my first game play on it and just went wtf is this awesomeness i had enjoyed lfd2 but one thing that bugged me was it was just point a to point b with no kind of lvling and a ridicules amount of enemy’s and was always drawn to other zombie shooters like killing floor or dead island but i did see the potential in such a game and just keep watching videos being produced and was just hooked. cant wait to play and hope it restores my faith in next get shooters (damn you titanfall)


And BF4, and COD (where did they go wrong :cry:), and BF hardline, and just about any other shooter to come out in the past 5 years (except TLOU, TLOU was awesome)


Meh, I think Titanfall is actually pretty good. Far and away better and more interesting than BF4 or CoD. BF is dying as a franchise which is sad.


I think i too was hooked since the happy hunting trailer. then i magically stumbled onto here. and it took me awhile before becoming a member. i was like a stalker lol. just reading and looking for any new news of this game. back then it was like plaff delta brandini and slinky mostly. I really got into the game when the interactive gameplay was shown. it blew me away


I was driving down to the interview thinking “If I were the L4D team, what would I do next? I bet…Sci-fi!”

And then I saw the concept art and heard the pitch and was instantly in love. I spent the next two months pestering Chris and Phil with ideas until they gave up and hired me.


If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been with TRS?


As soon as I saw that first trailer with the cover of danzig “Mother” I thought this looks absolutely incredible, I’m hooked on finding out new info about this game!


@MacMan @SlabOMeat

Whoever chose “mother” as your song for the trailer. give him a cookie. he may very well have grabbed the first half of your fans with that song choice alone lol.


I’m one month into year four.

When I started, the game was already playable…and very different than it is now. :smiley:


So what actually do you do in your job? Do you come up with the VO for characters and stuff?


Work? You call writing awesome stories for an awesome game working? xD


I was a bit skeptical until I got to play it at PAX East this year, and it was incredible amounts of fun! It felt like we only played for five minutes when we were being ushered out of the booth but we got in a good half hour. When the game makes me lose track of time is the moment it goes from “maybe I’ll rent it” to “INSTANT DAY ONE PURCHASE”.


most fps just not what they used to be i understand for some games the realism of a shot to the head is death but i play a game to have fun and this game not even the monster can instant ko a hunter (even a pounce takes time though without interruption is a free kill)and hunters need to whittle away the monster that was the first thing i noticed that i was most excided about i can just sit back and relax killing and by sit back i mean yelling at the screen saying “get some get some!!!”


oh god could you imagine if they tried to add realism to this game??? the hunters wud be crying and running for their lives level 1. and then val wud actually be able to one shot the monster since she has a massive sniper. we would have 10 second matches instead of 20 mins lol. for example. as kracken i would vortex straight into the air as they fall down. half are dead before they land!