Evolve: Fire and Fury (gameplay montage)


Hello everyone!

Just wanted to share a gameplay montage I’ve been working on. I’m no super-amazing-pro-MLG player but I think I can do well enough to be entertaining.

Special shoutout to @Quirkly who stuck around at the wrong end of my “fire and fury” :smile:


Quirkly playing assault?

I’ve seen it all…


Nice job on your video, so what is arena like?
Just wondering because its the all or nothing game mode


~Crying because I wanted Support~
I’m a horrible assault ;-;


Arena is a lot of fun and very good for combat practice :slight_smile:


Wow this montage is sick! :heart_eyes:


Glad you like watching my pain ;-;


lol. That just made my day. Which I needed, with the concussion I have.


Aww, you had at least a little fun, yes? :slight_smile:


That was a beautiful montage my man! Keep it up! :thumbsup:


I loved it! Watching the third round reminded me of why I love the Fire Breath/Leap Smash combo

[trapper jumps over your head to cloaked support]


[leap smash right where he lands]

So satisfying!!


Thank you! Glad it is being enjoyed :slight_smile:


@10shredder00 I just realized, many months later, that you are in this video!


And you destroyed me :sweat_smile:


Heh, sorry, focus the medic and all that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This was when I hadn’t got good yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: