Evolve figures (Blind Box)


Ok i love making or designing figures or products for things and i recently saw the minecraft blind box and i thought Evolve would be great for this, and since Funko pop make them and have the rights to making evolve based figures like the pop vinyls. This would be a great idea and i thought of characters or wildlife that would fit into these blind boxes!

for the 1st series it would be:
Hunters:Hank, Markov, Maggie, Val.
Monsters; Goliath, Goliath Magma Skin, Goliath Bog Skin, Goliath Gold skin.
Others: Mammoth Bird, Daisy/trapjaw, Tyrant, Armadon

2nd series would have:
Hunters: Bucket, Hyde, Griffin, Lazarus
Monsters; Kraken, Kraken Savage skin, Kraken Cosmic Skin, Kraken Gold Skin
Others: Bucket’s Sentry, Blitz Leapord, Mega Mouth, Nomad

3rd series contains:
Hunters: Cabot, Parnell, Abe, Caira
Monsters: Wraith, Wraith Albino Skin, Wraith Corpse Eater Skin, Wraith Gold Skin
Others: Reaver, Harpies, man eating plant, Crowbill Sloth

4th series has to offer:
Hunters: Sunny, Turvold, Crow, Slim
Monsters: Behemoth, Behemoth Jade Skin, Behemoth Carnivore Skin, Behemoth Gold Skin
Other, Gobi, Basking Cephaladon, Dune Beetle, Spotter

The hunter figures will be around 3 inches, the monster figures around 4 and the other figures depend on what they are