Evolve field guide wildlife on shear


Here is the the field guide i made for all of the wildlife from shear it is not completed but will be finished very soon it only has 6 wildlife so far but will get new wildlife added to it every hour. if there is anything you feel i need to add please tell me below. i will aslo include the apex predators Goliath Kraken Wraith Behemoth.


Armadon is a huge mammoth creature with a thick shell when attacked or agitated the armadon will charge dealing high damage compared to the other wildlife on shear.

Elite perk for Monster- 35% damage resistance

Elite perk for Hunters- 35% damage resistance

The Armadon is worth 4 meats

Armadon Fun Fact
There is a bar named after the Armadon.

Dune Beetle

The Dune Beetle is dangerous it is a threat to hunters and monster it will eat nearby wildlife and compete with the monster for food.

Dune Beetle in action

Dune Beetle Elite Perk Monster-???

Dune Beetle Elite Perk Hunter-???

The Dune Beetle is worth 4 meats

Dune Beetle Fun Fact

Dune Beetle are very dangerous in number they can spawn in packs of 2-3 making them very dangerous to stage 1 monster and a group of hunters.


The Tyrant spawns in small bodies of water and is primarly dangerous to hunters since they can eat a hunter whole if the other hunter do not help the fellow hunter.

Elite Perk for Monster- Health regeneration the best perk in the game some will say and is the only way a monster can regen health.

Elite Perk for Hunter- Health regeneration for hunters over time.

The Tyrant is worth 4 meats

Tyrant in Action

Mega Mouth

The Mega Mouth will try its best to conceal itself it will hide near walls and shrubs and try to look like part of the environment and when a unsuspecting hunter comes by it will grab hold of the hunter and not let go until a fellow hunter comes by and shoots the Mega Mouth and then it will let go.

The Mega Mouth Elite perk Monster- increased monster pounce damage 100%

The Mega Mouth Elite perk Hunter- Cool down reduction 50%

The Mega Mouth is worth 4 meats

Mega Mouth in action

Crowbill Sloth

The Crowbill Sloth is a highly territorial beast if a hunter or monster gets near its territory it will engage. The Crowbill has a melee attack and a charge like goliath it is the biggest wildlife but not as big as the monsters.

Elite Crowbill Sloth perk is the same for the monster and hunters it is a 35% damage perk making the Elite Crowbill Sloth one of the most sought out elite monster for the monster and hunter.

CrowBill Sloth is worth 4 meats

CrowBill Sloth in action

Crowbill Sloth Fun Fact

Pangothere was a early prototype of what the Crowbill Sloth was gonna be.

Mammoth Bird



Trapjaws are the hyenas of shear they are vicious and will compete with the monster for food they don’t care how big you are and can be very annoying for stage 1 monsters they travel in packs of 6-12.

Trapjaw in Action

Trapjaw Fun Fact

Maggie has a pet Trapjaw that acts as a bloodhound and will follow and track the monster.

Additional Fun Fact

Trapjaws will live in these giant beast after they kill them.





Venom Hound




Marsh Strider


Obsidian Beetle


Desert Nomad




Biltz Leopard







Reaver are usually in packs in caves they are very aggressive and very easy to kill if a hunter gets jumped by a pack of he or she shouldn’t be worried because reavers are weak and easy to kill.

Elite Perk Monster- Armour Regeneration rate increased by 35%
Elite Perk Hunter- Flying cost 35% less fuel

Reaver Fun Fact

Reavers will live in these giant beast after they kill them.


Goliath is one of the apex predators tough as shit and gives a beating.

As the Goliath feeds it can evolve and he grows and gets stronger.

The Goliath has 4 ability and 1 traversal ability

Leap Smash- The Goliath can leap from anywhere and do medium damage to 1 hunter or all 4.

Fire Breath- The Goliath can use this ability to kill wildlife quickly or to do low damage to 1 hunter or all 4 and it can be used to see cloaked hunters.

Rock Throw- Rock throw can do very high damage to hunters it can hit multiple hunter and can be dodged easily it is great for hitting a unsuspecting hunter.

Charge- Charge can do medium damage to 1 hunter or all 4 and will knock back any hunter it hits good for getting the assault off your back.

Traversal Ability Leap- Leap can cover very great distances great for getting away from hunters.

The Goliath has
High Health/ High Armour
Medium Damage

Goliath in action

Early Prototype Footage

Goliath Skins



The Goliath is the Foot Soldier of the monsters if their is a hive mind the Goliath’s are defiantly the ones on the front lines fighting for their planet.

Goliath Good Builds

The Aggressive build
Stage 1- 2 Leap Smash 1 Charge
Stage 2- 3 Leap Smash 3 Charge
Stage 3- 3 Leap Smash 3 Charge 3 Fire Breath

My Favorite build ^

The Farmer
Stage 1- 1 Fire Breath 1 Leap Smash 1 Charge
Stage 2- 2 Fire Breath 2 Leap Smash 2 Charge
Stage 3- 3 Fire Breath 3 Leap Smash 3 Charge

All 4 Abilities Build
Stage 1- 1 Leap Smash 1 Fire Breath 1 Charge
Stage 2- 2 Leap Smash 1 Fire Breath 1 Charge 2 Rock Throw
Stage 3- 3 Leap Smash 2 Fire Breath 2 Charge 2 Rock Throw







Evolve 4th monster is a super tanky monster all we have seen is it’s size and that it has multiple eyes from the evacuation trailer.

Very High Armor / Low Damage


I like this idea, maybe if we can get enough info it can be included in the game somehow, though probably not in their original sense

Also I think the guide should be a bit more descriptive about the creature beyond its relationship with the players, like the one Matthew showed us

Perhaps you could use @Alex_Versnel 's guide as it does have a basic covering of wildlife



My guide is still being updating thanks for the feedback i am gonna make it alot better still updating added the crowbill sloth


Sweet guide, I kinda wish they had the Armadon as the biggest Wildlife and the Sloth be the 2nd or tyrant,
anyways looking forward to this guide getting updated as the days go by :slight_smile:


Good stuff but you should maybe work with Alex to build it into his guide maybe? He already had a pretty good wildlife section in his guide that you could maybe add to.


Well to me Alex’s guide seems to be more practical, whereas the field guide is about the lore, and I feel like some of that would be lost if they had to be joined together.

I am for them working together as it would probably be beneficial to the both of them


Interesting. Maybe talk to the Evolve Wiki guys to try to get your stuff incorporated into there? It would almost certainly get more traffic.



ty for feedback



Great field guide, I know I will be referencing this often while I get to know the game!

One problem I have though is this quote:

I disagree that Goliath has high damage. He’s a bruiser. Kraken has high damage and no doubt the Wraith does too while Goliath is more of an in your face fighter with solid damage, high health/armor, and medium mobility. Just throwing in my 2 cents. Thanks for the guide!


Well, the one @Plaff made hasn’t updated recently, a lot of work and maybe this can replace it.

However the Monsters aren’t wildlife and aren’t native to shear.


@CarNo65 Yeah i agree but they are badass
@Jackisath Changed it ty for feedback


I think this should be finished. What you say?