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After enough members join, we will begin building brackets for tournaments for competitive play. This will be a great way to gain publicity for your team, so invite your crew. If you want to be in the know for anything and everything Evolve, this is the community for you.

Let the hunt begin!


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-We will maintain a zero tolerance policy against any racist or homophobic language and will NOT tolerate bullying or threatening behavior.

-This is a very close-knit and friendly community, please help us keep it that way


We already have stuff like this.


There is a lack of a binding group that covers all of the platforms. My team and I have been a part of a few communities and are not impressed with how they are being operated. We are going to operate on the highest level. Website currently in development including ladders and a ranking system for the game.


There is a great matchmaking website. Why not give it a shot? :smile:


That^^^ 10 chars


That site is great for finding players who are LFG. It does not offer any type of competitive measurement.


Exactly why we have other tournaments on the forum. The XBox Tournament was today, Bearkillers won.


I will join anyway…

Im fed-up playing with russains who keeps mic ON 24/7…


Are you against the spread of another group? Wouldn’t multiple tournaments and more groups extend competitive play? Join us lol


Oh, sorry if I seemed like that. I won’t join because the main thing here is Gridom. I like it, And I am gathering a team up for a PS4 tourney.


I too am a fan of Gridom. But I seek to create a ranking system for this game. Site is currently under development. Maybe you will consider us once our matchmaking site is finished.


Im all up for it :smile: count me in.

Im competitive player, mostly assault and almost every game I would find the monster before everybody else… And I never follow daisy nor attack alone… Track it then spam Q and trap it with others!


It’s still a very new game and people are still getting there feet wet. I wouldn’t ever consider anyone a “baddie” sometimes it takes more time for others to learn. Most of them turn out to be extremely good players down the road.


You are right, there are a whole lot of people who just bought the game.


I started playing yesterday…
To be precise, started 23hr before.


We were fortunate enough to play the alpha, beta and all day after launch. This is by far the best game to come out in a while.


It doesn’t matter how long you have played.I was beating players upto lvl 26. Except when they get pissed n takes wraith… The MM was constantly putting me with level 11-26 even though I was around 5-7. My first online match was with lvl 7-16 players…
Maybe all this was because I play as either Assault or Trapper…( im really bad at helping others like support or heal)


Yeah we were getting all kinds of ranks. Until one of our guys was the victim of the reset bug. Then we got lower ranked players!


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