Evolve failure


Never before have I made a account to comment on a forum. They are never read by the developer and it feels more or less like pissing in the wind… But today ive started. Ive played evolve since launch and what started as a reasonable game moved into checked “evolve news” everyday to have a look for more “evolve disappointment” and “evolves numbers reduced” I get it takes a long time to make a game and because I cannot make my own game I shouldnt judge to harharshly… But a couple of months on ima still getting disconnected 3 or 4 times a day, you will be right into a game and finally got stage. 3 and your ready to go punish some hunters but then you go to use a move and boom games stuck again and again. So the buggy rubbish thats not being fixed on top of the pay for skins and characters and the rubbish xbox gets everything first. I wish there was some way to get my money back and remove my support of this crap. But being realistic the only move forward is to not buy anymore 2k or trs games because they have gone the route of my will sell have a game and sellout to what everyone else is doing, gone are the days where people made winning games for everyone to enjoy and were noy faulty and rubbish and required extra money for nothing


If you have an issue with the game please submit a bug report to 2K