Evolve Expansion Scavenge Concept


Evolve is a great game but there’s always room for improvement when budget expands after a well received release, notably in a design category close if not the same as PvP arena.

My sketch is this:

In an alternate game mode is to add objects in the early game other than the monster that hunters could focus on and vise versa in an attempt to thwart each other. A mechanics being Scrap salvaging, where the hunters would pick up wreckage from the ecosystem to help aid them in their struggle by using the Collectibles to help fortify their establishment. A slight comparison would be the sims, except instead of beds and lamps you would be building turrets, walls, bunkers, gear (you name it) with enough materials. This would force the monster to actively engage in direct confrontation with the hunters before the hunter became too strong (role reversal).

All aside Evolve is a completely original game and my hat goes off to the designers for getting as far as they did, feel free to add any constructive criticism or ideas that you would like to see…


So I apologize if I misunderstood some of what you’re saying, because I might be being stupid, or you might have worded it weirdly, or maybe a bit of both.

But firstly, I disagree over the lack of difference between the hunters - You’ve got 4 defined roles, sure, but different characters in those roles have greatly differing playstyles and strategic options. Having a Val on your team is a completely different story from having a Caira.

As for the scrap idea, I can’t really say I like it. Giving the hunters the secondary objective of collecting scrap is in direct conflict with what they should spend their time doing, which is hunting down the monster. And it’s usage seems to not fit the whole idea too - Constructing fortifications similarly goes against the point of the hunter role, and upgrading gear is in direct conflict with the whole point of the monster tier dynamic - Tier 1 monster is weaker than the hunters, tier 2 is on the same level, and tier 3 is stronger than the hunters. The hunters hunt, and there’s more than enough variables during hunting and combat to keep things interesting without the need to tack on a crafting system in a short, round-based game.


I agree completely, Evolve is too unique to accomodate such a “common” mechanic, much less one that defies the core gameplay as stated by @SpookedNomad.


That nickname doe…

Jokes aside, there are many strategies. There’s a guide that explains a lot of it.


Thanks for the reply and for staying polite,

I meant an alternate game mode (sorry I should of specified I’ll change it to make it clearer), like defend or the egg map, where the hunters and monsters rolls are reversed. So basically the monster is trying to stop the hunters from gathering all while trying to level up.

You’re right though that it wouldn’t work in the normal game mode.


That makes more sense. I suppose since it’d be free that I’d be more than willing to give it a whirl if nothing else.


Okay, see, that makes a whole lot more sense.

So flesh this idea out a bit more - What’s the end goal here? What are the win conditions for both sides? All of the game modes still imply going after the monster or being in conflict with it in one way or another, so I’m not sure what the deal is with this one. Also, if it’s " Hunters have place they bring stuff to and when they get enough stuff they win ", I gotta remind you that basically already exists and it’s called Rescue.


I appreciate the feedback,

So basically the end goal (I changed above again to make it sound different than rescue) is for the monster to pick off the hunters bringing supplies back, destroy the materials or relay before the hunters became too strong with their fortifications. The monster would still start at stage 1 so he couldn’t just wreck the hunters right off the bat. There would also be a time limit for both the hunters and monster where the hunters would need to build their base in time and a timer for the monster to either kill the hunters or destroy the generator. I think the best way to think of it is as a blend of rescue and defend but in place of people running insert the building mechanics.

Anyways this is just an early idea I’m sure you would need to spend hours and hours getting the thing to work. I’m also welcome to ideas on how to make it work if at all.


I like this new re-wording, but I don’t want the generator to be a factor and I don’t want the Hunters to have customizable/upgradible weapons outside of the norm.


Ok so what a about just parts to help them build a stronghold and what could replace the generator? - just taking the hunters or their supplies out?


Yeah, because if the generator is still a factor then it’s just a regular Hunt Mode with more going on, borderline too many objectives for either side. Basically just role-reversing who gets the secondary objective sounds like a good idea.


I could see this turning into an interesting twist on the existing end-game of Hunt mode. What if monster starts stage 3 (but no armor obviously) and at the opposite end of the map from the power relay, which is vulnerable from the start of the game. Hunters start at power relay, and no headstart for either team. Periodically, supply drops come in at random spot on map and everyone is notified (similar to how survivors show up in Rescue mode). If a hunter is able to make it to the supplies, gather them, and bring them back to power relay, an extra defense is built. Monster has a time limit to destroy the power relay.

So there’s risk/reward to the hunters going out for the supplies. And do they send the whole team, leaving the power relay vulnerable to a surprise attack? Or split into pairs, knowing that the monster could ambush at the supplies? What I think I like about this idea the most is it’s like the power relay is the hunters’ safe ground, and out there in the jungle is this dangerous place where a monster lurks, so it’s scary to go out there but perhaps necessary if you’re going to keep that power relay alive.

I know it may sound similar to Defend mode, but I see a difference in that Defend really plays out like a tower defense mode, with the waves of minions and all. And this is giving hunters reasons to leave their defensive position, so as to ultimately make it stronger.


I understand that not everyone likes this idea, so what if they added a fortification add-on to the defend mode. Or added a stand alone dlc mode where the huners must build fortifications to defend a colony location, and the monster must stop them before they build too many defenses for the monster to get past to destroy the colony.


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