Evolve Event skins


I very just recently brought evolve and I (while bored) came across the events more importantly the sweet bucket one much to my dismay offered a skin that I sadly missed because it was in an event.
My point is I’m curious will the skins become buyable dlcs or what. Or is there any way at all that I could get that skin?


You have to wait for a new challenge. Sorry. :frowning:

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They repeat the events sometimes, Maggie Predator skin has been given out twice already.


A lot of the skins are for sale in the in-game store. You didn’t specifically mention the skin, but you might want to check there first.

Otherwise, there is a chance the skin will become available again through another challenge weekend (which hasn’t happened in some time, so I might anticipate one soon).


Like a couple guys here have said already, you will have to wait until they have another weekend challenge. You can check here: http://v2.evolvechallenges.com/

It’s a fansite that @mizx made and I help out with the design and graphics. If you go to the Challenges tab you can see what skins were already awarded. There isn’t a picture of them up, but in the next update there will be an option to hover over the name of the skin and its picture will pop up.

Like @10shredder00 mentioned, they have started to offer skins again, so at some point that Bucket one you want may become available. I would check on Thursdays since that’s when they announce if there will be a challenge. Although there isn’t this week.

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I dont want to be mean but that spelling mistakes are killing me. Sorry hehehhe. Yea, sadly you have to wait for next challenge