Evolve EU Possibilities?


I would be really interested in an Evolve Extended Universe. Imagine an Evolve book series or even a comic series would be awesome! I can really see Evolve being a comic, it has that kind of vibe imo.

I understand there are some Evolve story posts on here, which I haven’t read because I want to experience the game and the lore that it offers via hunter conversations first.

But what do you guys think? In what ways would you like to see Evolve expand? A movie, tv show, or web series? And what elements could it unravel?
It impresses me that a game that has no story mode or true campaign has gotten us all hyped about the potential depth of what is going on, and I truly hope that it gets addressed someday.



I would say that if anything the stories will make the in game conversations better!

And not to get all pro-valve, but I enjoy the comics they put out to flesh out the universe.


I would actually recommend reading them before launch. All of them are previous to the events of Evolve, and they’ll help you understand certain conversations in the dropship. It’s up to you though obviously :slight_smile:


Comics for other games? Or are there currently Evolve comics that I am missing?

Also Phil Robb liked my topic! haha. Does this mean simply that he enjoys my enthusiasm for the Evolve universe and shares my desire for more Evolve story content.

Or could it possibly mean that there is more depth to Evolve that has yet to be revealed!?


I kind of want to try to piece together as much of the story on my own first and come up with my own hypothesis. But I appreciate the suggest, I wasnt sure when they took place.


That’s fair enough, it’s interesting because I heard the dropship conversations before I read the stories, so now I’m like “Ah! I know what that means now,” everytime I hear the conversations.


Yes, I would very much like books! @Matthew please make my dream a reality!


I have heard alot of the conversations but since I havent played as everyone yet I am sure that I have not heard most of them.


I don’t think you need to read any of the posted Evolve Fiction to understand or appreciate the game, or the characters, or the dialog in the game.

It’s like. . .if you watch Star Wars, you hear about the Kessel Run. But very obliquely. If someone were to ask you “what is the Kessel Run,” you’d probably say some variation of “I don’t know. I guess it’s like a race?”

You say “I don’t know.” But you DO know. Because it IS a race. You know everything you need to!

If you were to later read a book about the Kessel Run, you might know MORE about it, but you didn’t need to know anything in that book to understand what Han meant when he said “Fast ship? …”


So, does that mean you aren’t working on Evolve books? :frowning:


As i recall he made the run in less than 12 Parsecs, a unit of distance not time. Haha

Anyway, I wasnt suggesting the need to read the posted fiction, merely a desire for more.

To put it bluntly, I love the game and the dialog that reveals more of the universe. I believe it has so much potential for an EU and would love it if there was.