Evolve Etiquette


Today I was playing around in quick match, when I was thrown into a round of hunt as the monster. The monster was Kraken, not my usual choice but whatever, I was willing to roll with whatever the bot was. Anyways, playing against a premade team I managed to reach stage 2 and decided to engage the hunters (I’m not a fan of FT3). I managed to get two strikes on everyone except for Daisy before the dome dropped, leaving me with half health and no armor. I decided instead of pushing my luck pressing for the win to run, armor up, and evovle to stage three for the stress free win. While I was running and evolving, the whole team rage quit the match, and afterwards sent me a message which basically taunted me for running away. Did I do something wrong here? Was this a cheesy move? Was I a jerk? I love this game and I love to win, but I don’t want to be THAT GUY which doesn’t make it fun for everyone. If I did anything wrong please let me know.


You did nothing wrong, they were in the wrong for “rage quitting” when they felt they were going to lose; they’re bad sports and shouldn’t make you feel bad about trying to win the game, too. There’s still a slight chance to win as Hunters in that situation if you play it right and don’t make any mistakes, but instead they chose to quit the game and then shift the blame unto you.

Especially if you joined after the match already started and you took over a bot Monster.


From your description, it sounds like you were playing like a good sport, but you also played smart to increase you chance of winning!


They were probably salty they lost a fight against a player who joined on a bot. Id do the same thing in that situation if i was looking for a guaranteed win. Ill sometimes stick around to fight if i want to spice it up, but you played right. no worries fam


You were in the right here, the problem is that the hunters knew with strikes on everyone they basically had just lost the game unless you stayed to fight.

While it would technically be fairer if you stayed to fight, they could have easily got their calm hats on and managed to take you out… and I’m all for sportsmanship but putting yourself at a good risk of losing is a little bit more than good sportsmanship!


Thanks guys. I’m still new to the game and the community so I don’t exactly know what is cheese and what isn’t. Thanks for helping me learn how to not be a jerk lol


No problem!

I can tell you that one of the most annoying things in the game is when Behemoth (or Bob as he’s called sometimes) uses Rock Wall to block the Hunters and hits the Relay; people do this over and over until they win.


Oh man I HATE that. I usually play Behemoth when I play monster, and I fear that will bring a nerf to Rock Wall


May I ask, how did you manage to get two strikes on the trapper? If the trapper is incapped then the dome goes down…


The Trapper already had a strike, the dome came down with the trapper, my bad for portraying that incorrectly


What you did wasn’t cheesy or being a jerk at all. C:

I get yelled at all the time for doing stuff like this. They just aren’t happy that they were losing. It’s called a “sore loser.”


I would have, and I do the same thing all the time. They were just butt hurt that they knew they lost. Simply because at stage 2 the Monster should be “equal” to the hunters. Now you may have been able to score a knuckle biting win with a fraction of health to spare, but why? It sounds like the Hunters played it badly and more than likely they went with an early arena when they should have held off a little bit. No you played a solid game, and good Hunters would say as much because you did engage at stage 2.