Evolve Engine can Handle 2 Monsters


I played with another monster on X1 … which is less powerful than PS4 - PC

No crash - the game was smooth - no frames drop . we can do the same attack - he was pounsing and I threw the rock

It was pretty fun … probably one of the best matches I’ve had … we were sharing foods … splitting hunters damage … protecting each other … I can talk to him … we can do a strategy

When I got to stage 3 … the HUD has gone and I had to go on break to take it out

Suprisinghly the other monster had the same skin which he doesn’t have but we shared the same skin for an odd reason

We fought 7 times and it was like around 29 min … … was smooth as if it was only 1 monster

Do you want to see a mode that has 2 monster ?

  • Yes, I am dying for it
  • Yes , it would be fun
  • No, hate the idea
  • Not necessary

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Do you want this bug to be fixed ?? Will not allow 2 monsters anymore

  • Yes
  • No
  • I Don’t care

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Keep it civilized plz … respect each other opinion


I put “Yes, it would be fun” because it’d be interesting to play as if you’re one of the monsters.
If you’re one of the hunters though then you’ll probably be raging because you’re getting destroyed.

However, the game is based around 4v1 and it’s pretty much guaranteed to stay that way.


I remember when you could play as a EbonStar Soldier @TesterGoneWild

I also remember when there would be 2 Cabots or Vals depending on what happens


Only some certain forum goers who claim they apperently have experience with TRS’s custom version of the cry engine have ever said it’s the engine limitation that is the reason why there isn’t a double monster gamemode and not TRS themselves. (Unless someone can give me a quote.)

My educated guess is that it just simply didn’t add it because it didn’t fit in their vision of what they wanted Evolve to be, a 4v1 and not 8v2 or 1v1 or whatever.
So no amounts of polls will change that. Perhaps they one day feel like adding it just like they did with Arena, for fun and some diversity or perhaps not.
But I am very certain TRS knows what their engine and console hardware can handle.

  1. Just because there can be two Monsters doesn’t mean the game is meant to support two Monsters.

  2. Why not just have a yes no don’t care option? Kinda unnecessary to have multiple yeses and nos.


Agreed with point 2. The poll answers are kinda biased :s


I’ve heard one of developers says the engine can’t hold 2 monsters

The game is going to crash and something like that … and this was one of the reasons why they wouldn’t make it

If you like the idea … you would press yes anyway

It has no effect on the vote

I’ve had 2 yes … it shows that some people love it more … and some people like it

Thank you for the feedback : ) … I will change that in future poll though


You’re forcing people to say “Yes because X” or “No because X”. What if they wanna say yes but not because of the reason stated in the poll? Thats all I’m getting at.


The engine isn’t built to handle it. Here’s some reasons why.

  • It’s horribly unbalanced.

  • Game is centralized on 4v1 not 4v2.

  • They’d have to make a whole new lobby system.

  • Not enough wildlife on the map.

  • Etc.

Same goes for the whole 5v1 glitch with two supports, it’s a bug that makes it horrifically unbalanced.


Agreed. Either agree and express why or don’t and express why, having exact reasons in a poll restricts responses since its like “Hey everyone absolutely is dying for this!” When it could just be the yes they voted for.


How do you know that they can’t handle it

Do you create games ?? Do you have an experience ?? Have you worked in a game industry ??

Do you know the performance of x1 - ps4 ?? And what are the limits to it ??

No , then don’t say they can’t

It’s not technically impossible which means they can do it and the gameplay prove that

Balance is a different issue

If this has been implemented … they can use it as a special mode that allows 6 players to be in that … I would prefer some kind of co-op

  1. Don’t get all offensive.

  2. This simply isn’t possible given the mass amount of work to put into it not to mention how they’d have to completely rebalance the game around that mode to make it playable.

  3. More game modes the worse off the game is.


It would be cool at first, but die very quickly.
It would be horribly unfunded fir hunters and it could spawn a lot of unfair combos. (2 Behemoth’s making a prison for 1 hunter, 2 spider traps, 4 Wraith’s fighting at once (after new Wraith change), etc.)


It’s possible

Nothing is impossible

I am not … and I do apologize if it seemed that way

If the mode was different that allowed hunters to gain better abilities or something like that to allow them to have an equal chance

Is call of duty zombies balanced ??

… every level you reach it will get stronger and harder … it’s challenging … every level you reach you get stronger (better weapon - abilities) and all that good stuff and zombies are getting faster and stronger


To be fair, Evolve doesn’t have levels and isn’t built the same way, so you really can’t compare them.

Also, a bug in the game does not confirm that the engine can handle what you’re suggesting. Sure, it could be possible, but I highly doubt it is the way the game is currently setup. It would cost a lot of money and work hours to make something like that possible.

BUT, it would have to be a different game because it does not fit into the vision that TRS had for Evolve.


I get that two monsters doesn’t fit into the vision of this game, but can you say Primal Carnage-like spinoff or DLC??? I sure can.

I can just picture two monsters duking it out in arena.


why not bring a Monster vs Monster mode then?! let the monsters both start at stage 3 on a full map with wildlife or as arena mode if players keep running with movement speed to get an advantage, or just cancel the perk pick on M vs M mode.

i know that kraken will be overpowered but you can always nerf his dmg output and make the ranged melee like 10 dmg to keep players from running and attacking from distance.
and not forget that other monsters are faster then kraken so they cant let him eat for armor.

and make behemoth tongue grab so that it lures in the monster like fishing and make the wraith abduction abilty a dmg dealer only to keep it balanced. maybe make rock wall higher because monsters can easily get over it.

because you can balance everything if you really want it and a monster vs monster mode is something that can attract new players and make MONEY so just do it. or make it for free and put behind it BETA MODE so people know it can contain new bugs.
and you can easily get all the bugs with your new noob preferred telemetry thunderchild. or let the community do the testing work for you.


Because it would be a whole lot of work for nothing. (split playerbase, would be unfair, etc.)


why splitting a player base unfair? its better then players just leaving the game because 4 vs 1 is still not balanced in high level play.
a lot of work for nothing ? no maybe not make it beta mode let community test it for you its low cost and you get info for FREE if players report on how bugs exist and you can tweak dmg number for balancin the fast way


It would split the player base AND it would be unfair. The game is just not made for 2 monters fighting each other, and it would require a total rehaul of mechanics to make it work without it being clunky.

A game like this is never balenced, it is in a state of forever changing. And people left because of hate on the DLC and people didn’t want a game that took as long, they wanted a quick match of CoD or some other game. The people who are here are going to stay with the occasional break (like that I am on).