Evolve End Game Timer


So I was lucky enough to be apart of the last beta. And I noticed that once either the hunter teams kills a monster or the monster kills the hunter team the game immediately cuts to the win screen. I wish and this would make the game even more epic if the winning side gets about 30 seconds to 1 minute to celebrate the win. For example if im the monster and I win the match give me a minute to eat the hunters and allow the dead hunters to spectate or me be able to pick up the bodies ans toss them. For the hunters when the monster dies allow me to do a orbital strike and explode the body and allow the dead monster player to watch. I know it seems petty and simple but it actually is a huge way to celebrate ur win sort of like bragging rights. What are ur thoughts devs and community??? I think this would greatly enhance the ending game play!!!


This has been discussed before in depth.


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