Evolve Economy

I remember the monthly coverage from Gameinformer in which you guys mentioned there would’nt be any hardcore customization. But will there be customization at the slightest?


TF2 has a great example of a player economy, could a portion of that be in Evolve? I believe it would “bond” us together as a community, trading and exchanging items. By customization, i’m not talking about Blacklight Retribution, where you can change weapons, sights, barrels, grips, magazines, receivers, helmets, leggings, camo, arm pads, feet, grenades etc. I heard that you guys stayed away from that large of a customization scale because it would stray from your original vision, and I agree. However, I am suggesting minor customization, possibly cosmetic such as hats (god I love those hats) or clothing. What do you guys think?

sounds awsome, but i’m not sure it will fit in the game.

I was thinking of that as well, I don’t want it to affect the game in which it strays from the creators’ vision :octopus:

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TF2 heroes, from whence the Hat Economy comes, look like the guys from The Incredibles. They don’t look ‘realistic’. Whatever that means, but you get the idea. It’s easy to just stick a new hat on the Heavy as a result.

Our guys have a lot more detail, they’re more complex, they have all these little fiddly bits all over them. The side effect there is that you can’t just swap out Griffin’s hat with a bowler. It would be a colossal amount of work to give Griffin a new hat and it might never look exactly right, because his head wasn’t designed for the new hat.

That being said, I’m just the writer. What do I know? I can tell you we would all really like to be able to customize our heroes in-game and if there’s a straightforward way to do it, we’ll try it.


Well gosh darn it, I was really looking forward to giving the Goliath a neat mohawk! :tophat: