Evolve @ E3

Been making games for 20 years and I never thought I’d see something like this…

I haven’t been excited for an E3 in well over a decade, but this year will no doubt be an experience to remember.

Post all the Evolve related E3 pics and links here.


(“5 Games not to miss at e3”)


Same, I haven’t cared about E3 much until Evolve, now I want E3 to be here so we can see what Evolve will reveal next!

This is the first time I’ve ever even payed attention to e3, I have never been this hyped for a game as far as I can remember

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I’m always excited for E3. But this year, even more!! Evolve, MK X, and Star Wars Battlefront, And The Division!!

Will you guys be live streaming Evolve on E3?

I’f Yes does that mean we can look when other people are playing Evolve in a full game + the tournaments?

Whats the link there its going to be live streamed on?

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Twitch will be doing it. I’ve made a topic with all of the livestream dates and times if you wanna check that out. It should just be on the twitch website, I imagine it’ll be featured

with all these game delays your only competition is gonna be destiny. pretty sure on content alone you will beat titanfall for best multiplayer. that game lasted a week in popularity lol. a big e3 showing might just be enough to put you over the top and beat destiny too! btw destiny looks cool but the core mechanics are still very halo focused. your new (pretty much everything) has what it takes to beat it. go TLS for Game of the YEAR. woo

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I’m most excited for Evolve this year. Destiny looked cool at first, but gunplay looks boring and this ‘shared universe’ idea isn’t really spectacular, nor is the plot or mechanics.
Evolve is fresh and new, which is why I’m buying it over all the other games.

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yeah i was really hoping this shared world would be each faction is a console. so on a broader scale you are fighting for your faction. so xbox would be one race, then ps4 and pc are their respective races. so we had a motive to duke it out.
To me the division has a better plan to go along with this shared universe idea. other groups are looking to steal your supplies you worked hard to get.

The division… hmm yeah, it was already there at last E3…
Looks interesting I think.

Destiny… not really…
It’ll have a nice background/story but that’s all : the gameplay won’t be a revolution or very exciting, nor the level design (seemed linear unfortunately…) .

I definitely need to see an other monster in Evolve to know if this game will be (for me) THE game that will make me buying a PS4.
…then I’ll get Watch Dogs too, somehow… =p

*(…now if you guys ask for what games I would like to see at E3… Indeed, it’d be cool to have Star Wars battlefront, Kingdom hearts 3 and Final Fantasy informations… ^^) *

Division definitely looks cool from what I’ve seen and heard, but its been delayed to 2015, which means its off my radar for the time being.

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I’m pretty sure there’ll be a new monster or two revealed at E3, so maybe you could decide from that

We are All pretty sure of that… x)

Oh, and I forget Shadows of Mordor, who looked very interesting too… !
But it’s typically the kind of game that can be totally awesome, or very disappointing…

I don’t play much on consoles at all so Destiny was never on my radar anyways (other than it’s existence) and from what little I have seen of it, I agree that it looks like a mix of old ideas and I’m not really sure what the hype is for other than “OMG IT’S BUNGIE!!”

And as you said, Evolve is fresh and new. It borrows from L4D in subtle ways but it’s still pretty much going to be the first AAA game of it’s kind. There are some mods and indie games that try to replicate boss battles but I think Evolve has captured the essence of what makes asymmetrical games fun.


Game of the Year and awards would be awesome. In truth, we’ll be happy with a huge community of gamers picking up the game and playing the hell out of it! :smiley: We’ve got a lot more ideas simmering on the back burner for Evolve. Success means we get to keep doing what we love.


@Chloe will you and @DamJess be at E3? And if yes will there be anyone else from Turtle Rock going?

So cool! super excited for you guys (and for me eventually playing the game)!

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Yea we will, @MacMan and @SlabOMeat as well.

For anyone attending, please come say hello!


Must make a selfie with this banner!