Evolve E3 Live Stream


Twitch just released the live stream times for all of the things they will be broadcasting from E3, including Evolve!
The times are as follows:

##Pacific Time##
10/06/14 - 15:00
11/06/14 - 17:00
12/06/14 - 16:00

##UK Times##
10/06/14 - 23:00

12/06/14 - 01:00
13/06/14 - 00:00 (Midnight of the 12th)

##GMT Times##
10/06/14 - 18:00

11/06/14 - 20:00
12/06/14 - 19:00

Use this link to watch the livestream

(Tried to get these as accurate as possible. Keep in mind I used the internet for these times so if you know some are wrong, let me know)

Evolve Questions and Answers (Old Topic)

Quick question Plaff, are you GMT/BST, and what platform will you be getting it on?


Hem… are UK times the same than Greenwitch ?


Eastern time would be 7pm, 9pm, and 8pm respectively


BST time, and PS4. I’m getting a PS4 later this year though so if you’d like to add me you’ll have to wait


I’ll work that out and update this page for you


Oh actually I’m not even sure how many hours I have in addition to the Greenwitch one… :noob:

I’ll just sit at my computer when I’ll can during these days !


Well when the livestream starts, I’d be more than happy to notify whoever wants to be on the forums. I’ll be watching all of them so I’ll post on this topic when each is starting


How much do you bet for a flying monster…?
The more I think about it, the more I’m sure it is totally possible !


I’m not sure what to expect. At one point I thought it might be a talking monster that’s revealed, since that’s quite the opposite of Goliath. If you think of Smaug from the Hobbit film then I’d like it to be like that


I hadn’t thought of an intelligent monster. Would be nice to hear conversations between it and the hunters as it’s trying to devour them lol


Or maybe if it had two heads, both of them could talk to eachother like the hunters do. It’s already been said the monsters are meant to be smart, so a talking one would be nice


I would love to watch the livestreams but I have to study for exams ;(


There’ll be coverage done by other people that’ll come out on YouTube as well, so you could always watch that when you get some spare time I suppose


Hold on, I am a massive idiot. But I live in Herefordshire close to Wales and I think that’s in GMT. So you’re in the UK and you’re BST?

That’s crazy! I figured maybe we’d all be the same time considering but now I’m just confused! :anger:


Well I’m from the North East of England, so I think that means my time zone is BST. All the different time zones are really confusing, I think I’m just gonna add a clock on my phone for Los Angles and keep an eye on that


I’ve just realised Twitch have an iOS app, so if any of you have any iOS devices it might be worth trying that out


The URL for the livestream is www.twitch.tv/evolvegame


Oh why couldn’t anyone else do it, why did it have to be those idiots at Nerdist.


It would’ve been cool if the guys from IGN could have done it or something. I’d never even heard of nerdist until that new gameplay video came out