Evolve E3 Interviews


There’s been a lot of interviews with Evolve released from E3, so I thought it’d be worth posting them all here. There’s some great info in them and I imagine not everyone will have seen them.



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Plaff strikes again with his ninja info-gathering skills! Thanks for posting this - I’ll have some serious listening to do in my near future.


Same here. Those beards are starting to give Hyde and Hank a run for their money lol


Helping Chris and Phil part with theirs


Thanks for the informative post.


Who is leading in the beard competition? @SlabOMeat @MacMan


Plaff are you some kind of Evolve ninja to whom no bit of information escapes his blade?


I can anwser that question…@Plaff says: Yes…


It’s not so much a competition as it is an exercise in solidarity. :smile: