Evolve Dying a slow Death on PC



down to 4299 peak users. At this rate it will be totally dead in a month.


Well then it will be.

Edit: and by dead you mean literally noone playing or few hundred people playing?


Because appearantly this game was only released on PC.


Yes, Evolve is going to die 5 years later.


Wait for new content, then it will go back up…

A lot of people are Lvl 40 now and elited a lot of characters, so they won’t be grinding the game as much now.


But what is a point of this thread? You said game is dying. Do we have to agree or disagree? If so, what does agreeing or disagreeing accomplish?


Merely stating a fact and opening discussion regarding the situation and how we ended up here.


Will it change the situation, in your opinnion, or just start a flame war? So the game is dying, you showed a steam chart to back your opinnion and want a discussion. Well if it is dying then it dies and I think there is nothing I can do about that. There are other games to play if I really am the only one online in this game at any time. Do I believe it will happen? No, I think there will be atleast 4 other people to play with any given time in a month.


And then you say you opened this for discussion,but when I comment you’re ready to kick me out because I didn’t agree with you. You don’t even know what system I own the game for. For all you know I could own an Xbox.


Till me and my friends stop playing it, it won’t die.


I think there is some valuable lessons to be learned. But hey lets just pretend everything went perfectly and truck on, problems and mistakes goes away if you ignore them rather than learning from it and improving one self.


Oooh. Maybe I can join you in a month because Goofysmurf said there wont be anyone. Atleast I can play with you then :slight_smile:


I don’t pretend anything. I said that if it dies it dies. I can’t be a dev and corect mistakes. Just that right now I enjoy the game and if in a month I’m the only one here there is always some other game.


Nah I already accepted I wasted my money and moved on this was my weekly visit to see if the patch is released that Macman promised me in the beta forum that it will be fixed at launch.

For interest sake I went and peaked at how many players are playing and it turns out not many. As a customer that realizes that he wasted his money and $60 is hardly worth getting emotional about I visit the forums trying to find the silver lining.


Thats great I am glad you are still having fun. After 4 games in a row with hackers using monster abilities with no cooldown and perma jetpacks it got old quickly.


How am I a upstuck jerk, why dont you go into detail what makes me a jerk otherwise Il just ignore you thinking you are mentally challenged and have random outbursts now and then.

Yeh lets name call, discussing issues is to old school for some to grasp.


A few hundred people playing pretty much means its dead 3 months after release if that answers your question. Well thats my viewpoint at least.


So let’s do something about it instead of whining like little kids. We know that Evolve will get improved and the buggs etc will get fixed in the next patch. I really love this game so what I do to try secure the playerbase is to advertise about it.


I’d rather have you predicting the next lottery numbers instead, if you think you’re a clairvoyant.


Well as long as I can play it with people and not with bots I personally wouldn’t call it dead. You have another opinnion and I respect that.