Evolve Doubts


Oh boy,

I was so excited for this game when it first was announced, and I had so much hype for this game that it was unbelievable.

Unfortunately, I never actually got a chance to play this game, I signed up for the big Alpha, the closed beta and the open beta, but I never managed to get a chance to try it out,

This was part of the reason why I did not pre-order the game, also because of all the previews of gamers saying that Evolve was repetitive,

I really want to buy Evolve, but I just don’t how it plays.

Any chance that I could try this game without getting the full version, or just to play 1 match and see what it is like. If I then liked it, I would totally buy this game.

I did not know which category to put this in, sorry if it is the wrong one.

EDIT: I will be getting this game, just ordered it through Amazon, should arrive in a couple of days.


How did you not get into the open beta? It was called open for a reason.


Im on PS4, not Xbone


Get a used copy from Gamestop. They let you return it for a full refund within seven days. Think of it as a free try before you buy. I’m on Ps4 too. It plays really well and is massively fun. Also we don’t have matchmaking issues or bugs like Xbox or PC does.


Thanks a lot, I will definitely try the option that you mentioned!


Good luck and trust me, you won’t regret buying it! I’d buy it from PSN though to get the digital deluxe and save money along with not having to pay tax on it!


Pity you weren’t on PS4. I would just let you play through Share Play. Can you rent games anywhere?


I am on PS4.


Friend me. PSN tag, Jynxten. I’ll let you have a go through share play. You can play for up to an hour.


I will be on PSN at 5 PM GMT, hopefully you are still on at that moment?, if not can you suggest any other time? And thank you very much for giving me this opportunity.


I’ll be on around 7 GMT.


You are awesome!


Hmmmm, that is usually when I eat. Can you do anything later than that.

Sorry for being a huge inconvenience to you.


He is indeed.


I’ll be on from 7 til 12, so any time within that period.


I’ve been dying to try out the Share function anyway.


Alright. Thank you so much, I have posted on multiple forums, and this is the forum where people actually help each other.


You got it! There’s some of the usual bickering and trolling as well, but there’s lots of positive, helpful folks too. And the developers are on here every day, reading and often posting.


Yeah it’s nice in here isn’t it. Just don’t mention the Wr…oh right. Hope you like the game and buy it! Feel free to add me on PSN (SpaceNinja117) if you want to play together sometime.


Of all the developers I know, none come close to Turtlerock. This just blew my mind.