Evolve don't change


First off let me say I LOVE this game. It has all the makings of a great game it has unique characters, beautiful graphics, unique multi-player experience, tons of replay value, and best of all the greatest game developers I’ve ever seen. Really these guys have gone above and beyond for their game community they’ve listened and they’ve put years of work into this game. Let me tell you it shows, these guys (and gals) are easily the most involved developers I’ve seen.

Let me defend this games 2 major “issues” I’ve seen

First evolve us well worth it’s $60 price tag it spent 5 years in development its has a great deal of heart and sweat poured into it. This talk of F2P wouldn’t have helped evolve because in the end business is about making money and if the game is free then they need to get money from the consumer somehow and this would’ve been done in some sort of microtrasacrion that ultimately would’ve ruined the game. F2P is almost always P2W now there are a few exceptions (I don’t know any I don’t play those types of games but I’m sure theres at least one). I personally would rather pay $60 for a complete, polished game i enjoy and maybe buy dlc later than get a “free” game that I have to dump either hours of grinding into or pay out the a$$ to enjoy.

Next the other argument is that evolve dosent have enough content to justify it’s price which kinda goes with the last paragraph but I’ll adress separatly.
Evolve does have replay value, what’s the lure of call of duty? It’s the same game every year just reskined. Well it’s the competitive multi-player, every match is different every match you’re competing with people who want to destroy you. Evolve is no different it has the multi-player the competition and the nail bitting sensation of being totally destroyed by a monster or a group of psychopathic hunters. On top of that evolve has a offline mode that plays out differently every time I think the developers said there are over 800,000 different combinations of matches you can play! That’s way more than I’ve ever gotten out of any campaign. Now I’ll say a good story will always stick with you but in the end it fades out.

All in all I’m happy with evolve if you don’t want to buy it that’s cool but I wanted to make sure you didn’t buy it for a real reason not just off of rumors

OK now that I’m done venting I’m going to apologize for this long post and if you read it all you’re a legend:)


I already knew I was a legend. But thanks for the reminder. :wink:


Dont change?!?!??!! Forever waiting one day until release?!?!?! What kind of hell is this?


Thread title is kind of ironic :wink:


How so?
It might be lol it was long and I did it all ay once


The word “evolve” basically means “change” :slight_smile:


Lol wow I never even realized that until you said that. XD


“Evolve” An English verb dating back to the 19th century, meaning to change or adapt physically and/or mentally pertaining to circumstantial requirements imposed upon a subject (generally a living organism, but the term can be broadened to encompass cultures, ideologies, lifestyles, mindsets or media.)

So yeah. Pretty much. :blush: