Evolve does this a LOT since the E Griff update

Everyone stops moving and I get kicked from games losing everything:

This is on a healthy fibre op connection with no connectivity problems overall, and it did not do this till recent patch.

That and “Matchmaking lobby is full” if I am in queue with people, and it kicks one or all of us out of the matchmaker/lobby. That was a bug they said they fixed but all that happens is we get it less often, it still does it.

Have you tried this fix?

Yeah that stuff help me fixed a graphical error I was getting a few days ago, but not the above problems unfortunately.

And you verified the game cache integrity?

No problems so far here with recent patch, so doesn’t seem to be a wide problem.

Yes, and the wierd disconnect one has happened to me and one other, only a handful of times.

The “matchmaking lobby is full” is happening to all my friends, at least once or twice a night (Down from like 8/10 attempts before the fix for it went live)

Enough that me and everyone I play with has had it a few times tonight and last night. It’s just not an urgent “Needs fix ASAP” like it was before the patch for it went up.

A fix for this is in the works, top priority last I heard.

Ugh it just did this 6 freaking times in a row just now.

“matchmaking lobby is full”

It’s also doing this a lot now too:

Honestly I am getting pretty fed up with all the matchmaking bugs and technical issues.