Evolve DLC vs Arkham Knight DLC Pricing


After reading that Rocksteady are charging gamers $40.00 for the Season Pass for Arkham Knight on top of the AAA price for the game, did 2k’s marketing strategy with Evolve deserve all the hatred thrown at it, which handicapped the game release and sales?

In evolve for $40 bucks you can get the season pass for $20.00 which would open up all Tier 4 Hunters when released & 3 Skins for the 3 monsters when the game released. That leaves you a further $20.00, enough to purchase 4 x Hunter Skin Packs, or a hunter skin pack and the new monster when released.

Looking at the value for money between the two, you have to agree that 2K aren’t as money hungry as once perceived…

Discuss :slight_smile:


Arkham Knight is A very huge, anticipated game with millions of fans, even with that dlc pricing people will buy it. Either that or wait for there GOTY edition, I’m personally buying the game and all its dlc.


Yeah of course I am not debating that people wont buy it, i’m just trying to point out that to all the review reading fan boys that didnt even try Evolve after the review bashing it go re DLC, 2k didnt get it that wrong…


I feel like no one will complain about Arkham Knight’s DLC because it is a very well known and well liked franchise. Whereas everyone’s heard of Arkham Asylum or Arkham Origins, no one had heard of Evolve. It was something new, and for whatever reason that’s why people disliked the DLC so much.

Don’t ask me how that works, because I have no idea. I guess people are cool with DLC pricing if it’s a game they already know and love? Who knows…


I never understood all the DLC hatred anyway. Yes, it was $135 for skins. Skins?! But at the same time, they’re purely cosmetic. The season pass was perfectly reasonable, I thought, but 15 bucks for Behemoth is pretty steep.

The thing that bothers me most about the Arkham DLC was that they announce it with that insane price tag and provide virtually no details as to what you get for it. That’s totally insulting to your consumer. Only after they were pressed did they finally detail what you’d be getting. I plan to wait and see some actual releases before I decide to spring for the season pass. I may end up doing it a la carte or waiting for the GOTY.

At any rate, two overpriced DLC plans do not make it right. Just my two cents.


DLC is optional and in Arkham knight and evolves case not necessary. Not like they have to buy it. I dont like when reviews are based on material thats optional.


It was never $135 at launch, it was $61. Several sites doubled up on bundle/single prices to make it look worse than it was. Only a few ever retracted/corrected their articles.


Ah yes, I just did the rough math. Wow, that’s sad, but still 60 whatever dollars for skins is mind boggling to me. Is it optional and purely cosmetic? Of course, but I would’ve loved to buy a lot more than I have. I just can’t justify it.


They should have made it where there are in game challenges where u can unlock more skins…not asking for much but maybe atleast 4 skins for each character u can unlock in game ya know? This dosnt matter buy this point im fine with the DLC i love to support TRS with my purchases c:


Agreed. I was really disappointed when I found out the elite skins were all we could earn, but I was glad when they announced the communitu challenges as well as the app events. I love stuff like that. Keeps me coming back.


Exactly, you might not be able to unlock them through simple progression. But you can still earn free skins. :slight_smile:


Guess you didn’t see the 156 pages on the steam forums about the DLC price :stuck_out_tongue:

They have yet to release the exact scale of AK’s DLC properly but it does look more bang for buck even now over Evolve’s.

Arkham Knight is being made by Rocksteady again unlike origins, take into consideration that its a single player game for most of the people who purchase it so DLC is an after thought, its also a well established game series. I personally wont purchase the DLC for it unless its on a 75% off but the base game is well worth the price I paid, GMG VIP £25.

The problem with Evolve’s DLC plan is that its still a lot more expensive than almost all of the other AAA titles and some of the marketing was misleading, using established names to sell it, like the hunters season pass, its not a season pass its a hunter pack. You would pay roughly the same in Evolve for one monster and 4 hunters, then the same again for tier 5, unless you got the PCMR, which again still doesn’t include the behemoth or two of the tier 5 hunters so another £30 on top of that to get all currently planned DLC.


Battlefield’s DLC is much worse in my opinion. Half of the damn game you need to pay for!


Train Simulator 2015 has AAA pricing, and almost 3,000 dollars worth of DLC.


I only got T4 and behemoth because I pre ordered for 80 bucks. I may not buy another Evolve character but I’d spend 100 extra bucks on Arkham Knight dlc if the content was solid.


All DLC debates are usually less based on a comprehensible line of argument. I guess Evolve has been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Evolve DLC criticism could torn any other game with DLC into pieces.


Well the pricing of Evolves DLC does change rapidly based on region. You say it’s 20 for you but for me it’s 35 :disappointed:

But yeah, I don’t think Evolve deserved the flak they got. Everyone just decided to hate on the game because of misinformation.


Developers do not set DLC prices, publishers do. Common misconception .

As for pricing on season passes, well you can really thank EA and Actisision for increasing their business model pricing on season passes with Battlefield and Cod.

It really comes down to whether the content sold has that value for players . EVolve has never had a season pass but plenty of cosmetic skin packs and then the T4 Hunter pack. Its value felt fair and the new Hunters enhanced my exerience.

I don’t agree Publishers pricing extra content at near to full game costs. Sadly its now standard practice.


If both games shared the same game design and DLC planning then yeah there might be a discussion here but sadly there isn’t. At the same time 2K put all of their DLC on the table from the get go. You had 4 DLC hunters, a DLC monster and a shit ton of skins. Arkham Knight is promising months of story content, challenge maps, skins, race tracks, etc.

People who preorder also get two extra side story campaigns for free not included in the season pass. I think from a third person standpoint that is a pretty huge season pass package BUT we still need to see what all of this consists of to make a final judgement.

Personally I don’t care for the challenge maps, skins, and race tracks, so will probably just buy the story DLC seperately. Do I like that skins are DLC? No and I hate the Evolve does it more because the game is scarce in content anyway. You can’t forget too that 2K charged us all stupid dollars for a single monster THAT ALSO was broken on release.

I don’t even think Arkham Origin’s Cold, Cold Night story DLC got a patch because it was so damn polished.


I totally agree. And yet people keep blindly buying those repetitive, unoriginal A1 games like these “Arkham” Batman titles (why they keep the Arkham word in the title after the first game is beyond my comprehension), and those hundreds of cookie-cutter Assassin’s Creed games. But yeah, easier for everyone to repeat criticisms to Evolve, it’s easier to kick a game when it’s developed by a small studio. Way to go.

Asides from this, people will be cheap, that’s the way it works. I think it’s sad that people are stingy even with the things they like and enjoy.