Evolve dlc voucher


Hello everyone :slight_smile:I was wondering how do I use the voucher? I used the code and not sure what exactly it gave me or if there’s another step,thank you in advance for anyone who replies and if you wanna have a match my user is givemethat44 and I’m on Xbox one :slight_smile:


Never heard of such a thing. What was this voucher for? Where did you get it?


Log on to your Xbox account here ( https://account.xbox.com/en-US/PaymentAndBilling/RedeemCode?xr=mebarnav ) and redeem it there


It’s probably the monster code.

When you select a monster, did you unlock the behemot ?
Or with the Goliath, can you change his skin ?

I’m not on X1.


What exactly is the code for?

Also welcome to the forum. I’d recommend reading through this topic to show you what’s what around here. :slight_smile:

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On XB you also need to go into your My Games and Apps and click on ‘Manage Game’ for Evolve. You need to download the DLC there in order for it to show up in the game.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I did it,thanks for helping me :slight_smile:


Mind if I close this now that you’re all set?

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Sure go ahead :slight_smile:


Who you callin a goat head!?!?!

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Sorry TMTR, too slow. :wink: