Evolve DLC Store, unable to access?


Ever since the latest patch I have been unable to access the store - when I try to buy anything using the store in-game the connection just times out.

When I go and search for the latest content using the steam client, it doesn’t show up - such as the new savage skins for Wraith and Kraken.

anyone else got the problem?


Yes, just went to buy clownfish skin for wraith and it times out. D:


Can you see the skins available if you just search for them via steam?


nope theyre not available through steam store, they only show up in the in game store which sucks. I had really wanted the wraith clownfish skin, but whatever.


Yeah same here, planned to buy both clownfish and savage skins.

Weird thing is that the store originally worked for me when I started playing this game, then somewhere down the line it just stopped working.