EVOLVE DLC / Steam WorkShop


What kinds of DLC will Evolve have? Will Steam Workshop work with Evolve?

Can we have Left4Dead survivors as the hunters?


You can probably expect new monsters, hunters, skins & maps. New game modes might come out too but idk


Notice it says you will get this monster for free. I take that to mean there will be some monsters you have to pay for separately.

I think that’s fine. I would love it if they introduce a new monster every couple of months or so. I just hope they don’t split the multiplayer pool because not everyone will have the same DLC. Each DLC should be a mandatory download and if you have to pay then it should just be to unlock what’s already on your hard drive.


I hope Turtle Rock will do free maps so as not to split community but then do new monsters and classes as a charge. You could still play against or with people who are using monsters/classes you don’t have, you just would need to buy it before you can use it.

It seems fair, Turtle Rock should be able to make money and paid DLC isn’t bad, as long as it doesn’t kill the game in the process (ie Map DLC is the worst for splitting communities).


I gotta admit that this sounds like an excellent option. I personally am most interested in new characters and monsters, rather than skins and maps. Also, will there be a season pass?


Maps would be free for the reasons you stated. :wink:

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goliath comes whit the game they mean the next monster that gets realeaset will be free if you pre order


Goliath and at least 2 other monsters, probably more, come with the game. As MacMan just said, maps are free, additional characters probably wont be


I think it will be 8-12 monsters when the game launch, because we was all suprised when we heared it was 12+ maps, we thought it whould be 4-7 maps.
So we will deffently be suprised when they going to tell how many monsters that will be in the game at launch.


I agree, I feel like we’re underestimating the game a lot. I didn’t expect robots or pet companions at all. That took me completely by surprise as well as the fact that there are more than 12 maps.


Same here. For each new hunter, map, and monster, the games possibilities exponentially multiply. If they are shooting for a game with endless replayability, they are getting really damn close


Plus, I’d rather underestimate and be surprised than overestimate and be disappointed but with the signs I’m seeing, I cant even begin to try to comprehend how amazing this game will be. I honestly feel Evolve will have an amazing shot at GOTY, even with games like Destiny and Alien: Isolation coming which look amazing, they just don’t begin to compare with what Evolve is showing me.


Both of them look like good games to be fair, but they aren’t bringing anything truly new to next gen. Destiny is just gonna be another shooter for me, whereas Evolve has that emotional reaction to the game which is really something


The only game that would possibly compete for GotY with Evolve is Dragon Age Inquisition for me, but I think Evolve will last longer overall.


There is no game that will be better than Evolve this year. I’m betting that Evolve will surpass even Batman Arkham Knight.


For DLC I’d want it free as alot of gamers want (in my opinion),

I mean those things are uncomplainable like Left 4 Dead/2 series, have free contents at no charge, thats the reason alot of people playing it, plus Workshop contents bring it to another level (but does not necessary be a critical feature in Evolve since not everyone have a powerful system to suppport mods, and besides multi-platform lol)

I think ( I THINK ) Evolve can approach the similar way as CS:GO with the custom skins, you see that Valve really make their games stands out to the crowds with contents that EVERYONE have equally, but at the same time didn’t blow up with the game with the “DLC”, instead they put in customizable contents, so my main point ?

Is that everyone who owns Evolve should have all same contents for playing. but can be optional for your looks.Trust me, apparels are the only thing people will not complain that much, but instead a win-win situation, I had enough pain with the kind of DLC these day with big titles like CoD or Battefield ( But Battlefield DLC are not that bad tho, but then again you know what to say about it )

These are the things that Could (Should) Always Remains Free for Evolve as future contents/updates are…

  • Hunters
  • Monsters
  • Weapons (Gadgets, Claws …etc (You Name It))
  • Maps/ Modes (Obviously)

Yea, thats my only wish for Evolve,


Do you think you’d ever do free DLC on special occasions? So for example, when Evolve has it’s first year anniversary would you guys ever consider giving out a free monster/hunter that is only available on that day?



When will we see the game on-line via steam for a pre-order? I can only see the 4 Hunter Pack available with GAME right now. Will STEAM also be introducing this?

Surely you would want to promote on-line via STEAM early to produce some income?



The game is still in progress to its release date, they’ll publish the game on Steam once it gone gold after console release about couple days later (Steam always delay any multi-platform game from 1,3 days or a week/s)
But I think it’ll around 1-2 months before October 21st for Pre-purchase and price appear on Steam, Evolve already bookmarked on Steam but put it on your wishlist to check updates easier


Don’t take my words as official, Pre-Purchase can appear on Steam faster than you think :smiley: