Evolve disconnects you and you get a loss timer for it


I was kicked because of a context error, or the game just completely shutting down. I am used to evolve doing this, as for some reason it is the ONLY game that does this…however, now, to make things even better I am getting a LOSS and a TIMER for getting kicked out of the game because of (insert a dozen or so reasons why the game disconnects you). Please, for the love of this beautiful game, update the servers, do SOMETHING. I love this game to the core but I am so very disappointed by how difficult it is to have a match without getting kicked out for one error or another. This game has been out for over a year and the bugs remain. Why? Why? Sorry if this comes off as complaining (which it so 100 percent is) but I paid money for this game and I get kicked (for reasons that are not my own) and I have to suffer a timer for it? What kind of quality gaming experience is this?


Yea i have at least 25 losses from this! Its really annoying cause it seems like its usually against lower ranked teams so i lose so many points


I haven’t got the totally random out of nowhere crash to desktop in a while…but I get the Steam disconnect error which results in a loss. The game thinks you’re not logged into your Steam profile or something and kicks you from the match. I was in a match a couple days ago where everyone in the game was getting it I think because 2 Hunters dropped and then like 5 min later I got DC’d. Very very frustrating and annoying.


Okay so. I closed your previous topic because we don’t allow duplicate topics. I want to make this clear.
TRS did NOT close your thread. I Did. I am a community leader and it’s sooort of my job to keep things in check. You need to stop attacking TRS, because, news flash, this is their forum. Their website.
The comments you’re throwing out are completely unecessary and attacks towards TRS are not allowed.

Thanks again, try calming down and helping the devs by telling them what went down when your bug occured.


Are you on ps4 or another platform?


Try calming down? I PAID for this content. I am sitting here with a 2400 second loss timer from disconnecting. Do you know how long that is? I am getting denied service and this error has been on going for 2 months now. Even after the patches claim to fix this issue there are a herd of other users that also claim to be suffering from the same low quality gaming experience and disconnect loss timer. What else am I supposed to do? I have 2200 seconds left until I can play again. I have been connected directly to my router via ethernet and have excellent premium internet service that I literally got checked out because of this game alone. I will voice my opinion until there is something done here. Sorry for attacking TRS, but I will say as a community leader you have an awful amount of sarcasm in your tone. I would like to be treated with professionalism and for some reason that doesn’t come across as someone saying “news flash” and “try calming down.” I made a mistake yes, and you should have closed my offensive threads, YES, but a retaliatory response is unmerited. I will continue to provide as much information as possible. I play on the xbox one and have 75 Mbps per second download speed for my wifi(I had to switch off ethernet because of a move yesterday) and I get kicked out of approximately 70 percent of my online games with an increasing loss timer that has now grown to almost an hour.


Contrary to popular belief, repeatedly voicing your opinion (as you describe it) is no more productive than calm and focused detailed reporting. Trs has gone out of their way to help individual players at times, though rarely on weekends since they work weekdays.

What happens when you disconnect from the server, what is the error message you are given specifically? What are you doing in game when it happens? What map is it? What characters are getting played? Are there any bots? Did anyone else get disconnected before you? What region are you playing?

No one wants you to be suffering these issues, hopefully you can see through your justifiable frustration to understand that venting that frustration may feel satisfying but ultimately isn’t helping you get the help you need :slight_smile:


Then why it exist since august?


It happens on every map, with any character, and occurs randomly and consistently. There are no bots and sometimes just me or multiple team members are kicked in random order. You get kicked out. The error messages I have been receiving range from:

  1. Context Error
  2. The game goes straight to the dashboard
  3. You have been disconnected from the game

And so on.


The devs have explained a few times before that this issue is one of the hardest to fix because it’s very difficult to find the source of it, they have implemented fixes for some specific crashes in previous patches, but this one in particular is special.

I play on XboxOne and it also happens to me, but not that often, but when it happens, I can understand why some people get angry. I remember that it once crashed to the dashboard when I was about to solo a low health Behemoth with Bucket T_T. But this issue doesn’t overshadow the awesomeness of Evolve, at least for me.

I have been on the forums since the Alpha and I have seen lots of threads related to this issue and the devs have been very opened to us about this and they’ve even offered ways on how to deal with it while they figure out how to fix it, for example, if you play a lot of matches without taking a break, it increases the chances of crashing to dashboard.

Sadly, I can’t show you evidence of what the devs have said before about this issue because I don’t remember which dev it was and where was it. Nevertheless, I can assure you that they’re working really hard on this and they haven’t not give up. I know it can be frustrating, but please, let’s try to be comprehensive, this isn’t an easy job, if it was, it would’ve been fixed already. Complains are not falling on deaf ears, so please, I know it’s hard, but let’s have patience.

Like Niaccurshi said, TRS is more active on weekdays, so I doubt you will get a response for now.

Thank you for focusing on giving info about this issue, also, welcome to the forums :slightly_smiling:


I think it might be a Steam issue some days probly has nothing to do with Turtle Rock they still need to research it though. Ppl need to say which platform they are using.


Yeah crash errors can be some super simple and very hard to pin down in a game as complex as evolve. Not to mention they have to be careful in fixing it to not cause other possible issues.