Evolve digital deluxe


Hey guys I want to buy the digital deluxe pack but I’m getting mixed messages about what it includes, how much you save and the price of it. I was wondering if someone can break it down or provide a link because the one on the evolve website unfortunately tells me the value in pounds, when I’m from canada. It’s for the ps4, thank you.


Base game perorder comes with Savage Goliath skin and 4th DLC monster for free. (Monster is $15 and skins have no price yet)

Digital Deluxe comes with 4 more Hunters in addition to the above items. The Hunters are $7.50 ea, or 25 for all 4 with the Hunter Season Pass. So you are saving 5-10 dollars worth between the base and the digital deluxe.



Awesome thanks


Are you sure you still get the savage Goliath skin with the deluxe because from that post I read it doesn’t specify.


Which post?


The post on evolves website, but I read and confirmed it does through the psn store. Sweet thanks again for the help, I’ll be getting the deluxe :slight_smile:


you do as long as you pre-order!


No worries, glad I could help :slight_smile: