Evolve Devs: "Mother" by Lissie question


I was just curious if you opinions of the song have changed especially after working multiple events. I love it and despite seeing the Happy Hunting trailer probably 50 times at PAX East still think it and the trailer are great but has it started to drive you up a wall after the 2,000th play or is it still going strong?


I still love that song, it’s so amazing regardless


I love jamming to it no matter how many times I hear it. I’ve actually made a point of learning it on the guitar. If you have heard it too many times, listen to something else for a while and come back. That works on most good songs that are overplayed to renew the freshness.


Always loved the Danzig original and was thrilled when I first saw (heard) the trailer! I still love it and can´t watch it often enough! 2K did a great job on this trailer!


I was watching a video in the footage thread, it was basically a camera pointing at a monitor of a person playing at PAX. Halfway through playing you hear the crowd constantly and random announcer noises here and there then the first guitar chords of that song loudly in the background. Took me back to hearing the exact same thing at pax east and got some nostalgia of standing in front of the huge screen for hours.


Yeah I’m learning it too :smiley:


I listen/ watch it whenever I need to get into the right for working on my Evolve Fan Art, almost done


You play? Sweet! Evolve jam session! hahahaha!