Evolve dev explain why he think evolve died after the shutdown announcement


Well it was a sorry excuse of a try then I’ve seen the clip. Orbital drill in the valley.


If you say do but I’ve yet to see a good behemoth. The only times I’ve lost to them have been because a bad team that let themselves be baited into caves or didn’t know how to dodge


Another point I’m going to bring up is tongue grab doesn’t work well when everyone uses 1 point in it if one has 2 or 3 and aims just a little it’s unmissable to a target you have sights on it looks like a bunch of bubbles around the hunter if people didn’t know after that it’s possible or more impossible to miss the fissure and lava as the hunter flys hopelessly towards you didn’t know if people knew that or not.


Shoulda told me that earlier I would stopped dodging them.

Fissure is literally the only behemoth ability I regularly got hit by.


Well either way if you ate fissure then you’re stunned and tongue grab is even easier that way.


With the 5 minute wind up not really


Hummm weird I can hit a floating target with ez check ur keys/buttons make sure it’s not stuck.


I can hit people across the dome with RT but that doesn’t mean that I’m an amazing god it means they need to learn how to dodge or pay attention.


Is this where the hunters turn into gods and have unlimited jet pack.


Nah this is the part where they use basic jetpack management


But it’s overrated and useless when stun locked.


I like this statement it says a lot @IWannaBeATiger


The tumble* can be gotten out of by using jetpack and the TG takes ages to come out so the actual stunlock won’t be active


I said I can hit it right after a fissure barely trying to you can’t jet pack out of that or the lava coming next. How many monster players can’t find a game because there is no hunters I for one don’t play with randoms in a ranked match or a monster I know is going to tear me apart.


You can and I have lol.

I dunno probably however many monster players are on the forums. I gave up after waiting in the queue for 30 minutes without even getting slotted into a partial match


On PS4 yeah your hunters move to Xbox.


Sunny remained one of the strongest supports right until the end of the game

Assaults were all fairly balanced- with a few oddities here and there- Parnell was still the “meta” assault by all means, but youd never be held back by any assault. Torvald was the biggest “wild card” due to his mortars- but thats really it. I would be hard pressed to say any of them were weak.

Laz was still amazingly powerful. But he was difficult to employ properly, and was a bit more comp-specific. Coupled with cabot or bucket, he was by all means top-tier though- And has proven to be as such.

Caira fell from favor, but by all means was still a solid pick- and definitely wasnt a hold back.

Rogue val is a similar story, her damage was nothing to scoff at. Damage in general however is something I feel most players struggled with. Damage and dodge. Do those two things, and you can win.

Kala… Ok imma agree here. I think as far as supports go- she was probably the weakest. She definitely had her niche moments, but overall there was little reason to take her over any of the other supports. Especially as far as stage 2 went, her entire kit was opposite to what the meta did- and what she did bring outside of niche uniqueness, was often outdone by the other supports.

Cabot- Was definitely power. Along with sunny, probably the most “meta” suited support in the game.

Crow also very powerful. Id argue the trapper in general were probably some of the best balanced characters in the game as far as any class went. If i had a gun to my head, id point at either of the maggies- But even they were nothing to scoff at.

Markov, hyde, lennox- All solid picks. Markov brough incredible consistency, hyde brought major area denial and pain. Lennox, oh boy. They dialed her lance down a fair bit- but the buffs made to her cannon more than off set it.

Meteor goliath was slightly under powered if anything. He lacked the necessary burst required to deal with hunters who could disrupt his kit and cycle their own defensive abilities properly. Getting a down was a struggle- and the dot, while nice, wasnt anything that most medics couldnt heal back. Id say Q-Caira was probably the weakest example there.

Elder kraken, was definitely a strong pick with the right perks- And had solid competitive success. He was a “glass canon” by nature- but could take perks to rock around as an iron cannon. His abilities hurt, a lot- and had a lot of zoning potential to corral hunters where he wanted, when he wanted.

Gorgon was one of the more interesting ones. Overall id argue under powered in a lot of cases- But gorgon had a peculiar capacity to handle some of the more “meta” comps of hunters. He was particularly good against slim. He had a solid capacity to do some major DoT and disruption damage, while staying at ranges that made it very difficult to slim to get consistent healing.

But I will agree with you. Evolve was more or less balanced around top tier play- and the things they could do, were often beyond what happened in regular play- and it lead to a number of issues. It always has.


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