Evolve dev explain why he think evolve died after the shutdown announcement


That has nothing to do with what I said. I don’t care who’s right and who’s wrong, just stop bragging on each other!


Lol k but I almost know balance was the biggest issue and on the subject maybe the balance was right for PC pros but it played a part into killing the game and people still wouldn’t change if they could just like tiger has stated. With some minor changes to the maps of legacy and that last nasty patch undone it would have been fine.


Those are your thoughts, that’s all I have to say. I’m not here to join your debate.


What does that meme even mean???


It means “just quiet!” to multiple people.


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But isn’t that is in the OP 4v1 problems. I’ve payed attention to the w/l ratios of monster and hunters most of my platform monster players are ahead by close to %20 most 70-80 percent win rate and hunters 50-60 percent now to see updates nerfing hunters and buffing monsters. I know what I thought how the hell are you supposed to win and I mentioned 30 of the people I knew quit along the lines of well why try anymore and quit never looking back.


Just ignore dova. You guys are having a discussion in which you disagree which is fine. No one is coming out with any ad hominems.

I always find this topic very similar to balancing the game for pros and pubs where I think having two balance patches could work well. I believe that in regards to pros if the game was balanced on PC very well then it would not be on console and vice versa. Balanced on PC would mean console monsters would have a noticeable advantage and balanced on console would mean PC monsters would get destroyed almost every game.

I personally think this is down to damage output due to aim differences and means that on console monsters live longer and have more time to make something happen or capitalise on a mistake.

It’s been said before but I promise you on PC sunny is horrendously powerful. You watch the top level PC games and you see why this is a common thought. Behemoth while I still love him is now a complete mess and I’ll only be getting some wins until the stage2 people who never played legacy figure the game out. I will see if I can make him work vs a strong team but I doubt it.


End of the day would you rather have 30 people to play with or 4? That’s the real question that I’d ask myself.


if the 4 are skilled and the 30 are low skilled then the 4


But the 30 have a will to actually stay and play and get better over time?


In an ideal world they would but in this world they wouldn’t. The game being so hardcore means only a fairly small number of players will stick around


That’s exactly what happened only my thought is ok I’m already setting at a %55 win rate this monster is at %73 and mains meteor goliath and they just made it to where it’s flame isn’t put out by water this was the patch my medic and trapper quit and many more of my friends just quit. I don’t remember all the patches but I do remember some of them complaining about how balance was getting worse of course I didn’t care but ran out of people to play with and that’s where I’m at. It’s been like that since year 1 of Evolve.


I know a good one you know the one called noodles from Xbox yes? A Goliath main I’ve known him since year on a truly bad player so bad he has to this day not beat the players I use to play with and all of a sudden his the only monster player to get up to gold master could that be the balance? When before there were plenty of other monsters who beat us.


You mean the only support that’s defensive ability actually worked on herself?

Shield Drone while not the most effective piece of kit in the game was miles ahead in terms of self defence for support.

And Jpb was amazing in terms of defence and utility

You’re right. He’s bad because any time he popped up I could tell it was gonna be any easy match.

Also I quit playing after waiting 30 minutes wasn’t a guarantee of finding a match.


Lol revolution me ft3 rockwall relays wasn’t a ez match I played him on Xbox as well anything but ez.


To a degree that change also benefitted the hunters in that flame dot on a monster would not go out if they were in water. I would say it was more beneficial to the monster though and was a fantastic change. It sucked seeing the hunters setup in water if you were MG, basically mocking you and the game mechanics.

Kind of similar to how they changed the orbital in stage2 to be useable if there was terrain above the monster.

Forget about those % stats. They mean nothing. Sure mine might be something like a 90% win rate for Goliath but what does that mean? Numbers on their own are useless. I would still typically get rekt by the top teams and unsurprisingly the pub games I play I usually get an easy win because it’s a bunch of randoms. Balancing around that is not a good idea. Let’s say it kept more hunters around; how long would they stick around if no one wants to play monster because even a medicore team can put down a strong monster.


I literally killed a behemoth in 40 seconds on legacy he was a big slow target lol.

While completely neutering it =\ . Low damage, low knockback, large spread. Couldn’t even use it to reposition like you could in legacy.


And was just rolling around on a arena match doing nothing targeting no1 specifically. The way not to play monster. I’ve done similar in about the same time to all the monsters using Cabot and Parnell.


Naw a stage 1 dome and they tried to target the trapper so they could dip out.