Evolve dev explain why he think evolve died after the shutdown announcement



Ya, XBox 360 because it’s an older console. I still believe the current gens still do. If that is true anyway.

Edit: After doing some research it ‘looks’ like there are no base fees. However, you only get what seems to be 2 tries before they then charge for the next submission. Dunno what the failure rate is on them though.


Maybe the TRS dev’s could weigh in on this



A powerful tool but sounds a bit off. But maybe the best option to balance a game like this.

Then you have Evolve Stage 2! If every game feels close even if you played very bad then its not a competive game anymore. Then its just a scripted game.

My solution would be a bit different:

Remove dropship waiting time.

Why? Because young people dont like to wait 2 minutes on the dropship. They want to play!

Injured hunters need to revive themself after a special amount of time. No Revive canceling, no damage while in that state.

Why? Because it feels better! Monster needs to change targets instead of finishing the game in the first two minutes.

Remove Strikes completely but add strong debuffs. One Strike 10% less damage, less shield, less healing, Two Strikes 20% debuff. Maybe even more.

Why? Because people can play at least instead of sitting in the dropship. But are way less effective!

Remove Monster headshot damage

Why? Because it just helps very good hunters. Good hunters dont need help. Bad hunters dont shoot in the head anyway. This game mechanic was only for high skilled hunters. If it would be removed then Monsters had instant a better time.

More Skill Shots for Monsters instead of area damage attacks


Which would be why id have proposed to have had it off in the games competitive ranked mode, and only on in the casual mode.

Totally agree here- and proposed it before in the past. I was glad when they removed limb damage, was hoping theyd go the extra step. It just made good hunters “win more”- And im not a fan of “win more” mechanics. If the game is balanced around a chunk of damage being done via critical hits, itll skew the balance even more when players dont have the capacity to land those critical hits.

But this falls into the “one sided” matches thing mentioned before- That i strongly feel needed addressed.


With thatkind of logic, League of legends would have been dead byy now.

I mean a minute respawn time


But then the monster has to down everyone before the first one can get up. So either the down length is long like the drop ship timer, or it becomes almost impossible for the monster to win, because you have to down all 4 before one self revives.

I think this would be a bad idea. If you did this, you’d only ever be shooting at “the big monster”. I know Evolve is more than shooting, but it at least makes it a fun mini game when you try and tickle dem crit spots.

Good. You have to have mechanics like these, or there’s no difference between high skill and low skill. It gives something for low skilled hunters to improve upon.


That’s a horrible idea. The only way you could balance that is if you made it much easier for the monster to kill people basically playing whack a mole hunter

This is also a terrible idea.

Just no…

Wut… alright and lets remove all aiming so hunters and monsters dps is on the same level. All abilities hit and deal damage you just have to activate them


Head shot damage actually helps less skilled hunters as well. Even bad aims eventually hit a crit.


i just read this today, i am sad that the servers are closing and what has happened here. Our loyalty stay strong with TRS. We will definitely look out for the next ip. Evolve is such a dear child to us, those who played. My guide i wrote will be obsolete then, but I am glad i have been a part of this while it lasted, even if for a short while.


I would pay 1000$ for this game today. I bought it, every season, all the skins in support and still we get screwed. I’m honestly sad that I can’t spend time playing this game. It was a much needed escape from the real world. No other game has done that or will ever for me.


You know I always had a problem with balance of Evolve. First it was behemoth with its abilities that are very hard to miss as long as you hit tongue grab it’s literally impossible to miss the other abilities (no rock wall needed) I quit for awhile. I came back and figured out to out damage it and cheese to tongue grab it’s no sweat. Then I had a problem with meteor Goliath and flee till monsters (everyone on the forums said that it doesn’t happen) my whole friends quit playing around this time. I did for awhile again too. Came back again and the playbase was so low the hunters and monster players had gentlemen agreements no ft3 or no matches. As far as hunters the last few patches the nerfed a lot that wasn’t needed most namely all the assaults. Sunny was overnerfed a little as the monster players I played had no problem at all beating it. Other over nerfed hunters that see zero play time Laz,caira,rouge Val,kala,Cabot,sunny,crow,markov,Hyde,Lennox. The only monster still over nerfed is wraith and monsters considered OP Meteor Goliath,Elder Kraken and Gorgon. I still want to play the game though. I also feel people didn’t want to put the time in to understand. I’ve seen it a million times. I also understand that everyone’s not a pro which I know the game was balanced by getting info from pros. I’ve watched damn near every event every tournament from the beginning and the games balance has came from one side of the spectrum to the other. So my thoughts are people just didn’t want to put the time into it that the devs had envisioned and nowhere near the time the pros put in.


Hey @Roy_Coatney today someone sent me a pm in Xbox and he or she had the same profile pic as you. Did you happen to pm anyone named J3ffXbox?


That is me. Just adding you in case we get the mess fixed.


Aight good to hear.


Behemoth was always super easy to cheese? All you had to do was dodge the occasional TG and even if you didn’t you were probably fine

Uh…? People on the forums said Ft3 didn’t happen? When was this?

Also sunny has never been nerfed to an acceptable state.


All ur opinion and besides you quit playing long ago. A really good example of why people didn’t want to play because of how you think about for example sunny one of the easiest supports to wipe and if she’s taking a self proficient perk isn’t going to help the team at all . I’ve got easily over 4000 hrs and know legacy like the back of my hand can you say the same? I stage 1 sunny comps pretty easily with meteor goliath does it mean it needed nerfed into the ground?


Just because you beat so pleb on behemoth rolling around doing absolutely nothing doesn’t mean behemoth is bad. I promise you if it was possible revolution on the very same system you played on would steam roll you ez.


Just stop! It already looks like a flame war about to begin.


No they have said the same thing since the beginning of time. When both sides play the game as intended legacy that is Monster vs the best hunters the monster will win %100 of the time I’m talking about one specific monster having 2500 hrs vs hunters with 5000 hrs into the game in which case the monster wins every time. My own w/l ratio on monster is %20 higher than my hunter side and I rare played anything under my own rank on both sides. Proof enough if you ask me