Evolve dev explain why he think evolve died after the shutdown announcement


Evolve came across as a barren wasteland at times, also micro-transactions don’t belong in full blown retail games


Sure they do, though in conjunction also with being the only way to access new content and in addition to expansion/dlc costs they become hard to justify. Micro transactions can easily exist in “full price” games quite happily as an alternative way to fund ongoing development, and anyone saying otherwise isn’t taking about financial realities of development.


I agree only if you’re open to paying $80+ for a new AAA game.


They could charge 100 and they’ll still look for a way to milk money out of you


Development is expensive.
They are a business not a non-profit.
You also don’t have to play games, it’s completely your choice.


Countdown to anecdotal example, out of context of wider development concerns, of a specific game being “successful” despite not having microtransactions in 5, 4,…


I research more before buying games and usually hold out for the GOTY Edition


Now now, let’s not invite hostility.


What’s the issue then?


It’s time consuming


So is anything worth doing.


I think we are ignore the elephant in room here by discuss pricing instead of mentioning TRS. They are the one create Evolve after all


Typically when it comes to things like price, post-launch monetisation, etc the decisions are made by the publisher. Hell, I’d wager that in this case the restrictions here were probably a bit higher than normal due to the fact that TRS was basically a third party hired to work on an IP that was owned by the publisher.


That and the fact was that originally they had a free to play model to begin with. That was changed after the acquisition.


Holy shit, 40k to patch the game daily ?!?!?

How is something like this justified, exactly ?


Fees from consoles. They need to verify file integrity and make sure it passes a plethora of checklist items. Also bandwidth, server space etc… This is why monopolies can suck :wink:


I thought consoles ditched that practice?


No, why would they? It’s why console games get patched less often.


Devs were complaining about paying for patches


People also complain about parking tickets, but complaining doesn’t mean they change something. It’s in their right to do so. It might not feel fair, and it certainly can cause issues, but it’s their console.