Evolve design, show some love


Hey guys,
(」゜ロ゜)」 This may not be what is expected here usually but i figured its
worth a share with you all. Thank you in advanced for giving this post a
read! Im known as ragtime mouse; i stream, make the arts, play competitive
smash (melee) and i am a retro/modern collector/gamer.

I have entered an art contest on WELOVEFINE for Evolve! If you’re
interested in taking a look at it and find that you like it, Please vote
on my design. Its pretty important and a big deal, every vote is infinitely appreciated
and helps more than you know.

I based the design off some of the drop ship commentary between Maggie and Parnell that i wanted to see come to fruition. (maybe one day… battle mounts * v * lol)

Log in with FB and just click the amount of stars you want to vote!
(no account activation required, just log and vote.) - ragtime M. ٩(。•ω•。)

VVV (direct link to my entry below) VVV



Please use this thread to ask for votes/showcase your shirt. Thanks :smile: