Evolve: Description of Fly Swatter Perk

Before I say anything…Yes I’m well aware I’m posting on the TRS forums where they no longer have working rights, availability or control over Evolve. I’m only posting this question to see if anyone can answer this for me.
The wording on the description of Fly Swatter (silver monster perk) has differed from a past build to the most recent build. It’s the last part of the description that I’m not sure about.

Old version: reduce the strength of jetpack flight “by” 60% for 2 seconds. (after melee 40% jetpack flight strength).

Current version: reduce the strength of jetpack flight "to" 70% for 4 seconds. (after melee is it 30% or 70% jetpack flight strength).

In the current version is “to” supposed to be worded “by”? I ask because I’m not sure the way it is now if it’s meant to mean reduce jetpack flight by 70% or just strength reduced to 70% from 100%. If anyone can clarify it would be a real help.

It reduces by 30% the power of the hunters’ jetpack if meleed, to clarify, it reduces the movements in the air for the hunter you hit.

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Yeah honestly that’s what I figured, just wanted to double check.

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