Evolve delayed to February 2015



Evolve is delayed. Your thoughts?
Closed Alpha Invite

WTF OMG :cry:

Be nice if they announced it here and why? Game seemed pretty near done?


:’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

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ok I am calm. I am a leaf on the wind… this is probably for the best. More time for the fixes. Breath. In. Out. In. Out. I guess we were super effective alpha testers…


Imma take this with a grain of salt until a mod confirms. Otherwise, Im sad. :frowning:


ima just go ahead and cry! @DamJess is this confirmed?


Although I want to play the full game ASAP and part of me is sad, another part of me is respecting this decision big time right now. I’d like to think this means that the Alpha session was a success and that they got so much good feedback, they’d really like to polish and implement a lot of it in for the release. This also means a very good chance for more playtests and more feedback from the community. This is awesome guys. We need more games that are willing to delay release in order to make things the best they can be through this connection with the community.

Of course, i’m totally speculating as to the reasons why the game is delayed. Hope it’s because of the things I listed.


My only guess is that 2K didn’t want competition with both Destiny and especially 2K’s own Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


i’m way happier that they’re spending more time to release a better product, then i am sad in having to wait longer.


If it came out in a financial statement then it’s certainly true.


I also hope it has nothing to do with tweaking gameplay or anything too much because it felt really well balanced.


I saw it coming. The state the alpha build was in this came as no surprise.


I agree with @ilyoung_bang. It means we did our job as alpha testers. I’m still pretty sad though. :’(


Aww damn, I guess the Alpha addressed more issues than they thought? A kick in the pants but, it just adds to the hype!


It probably is for good reason… and it’s not really that long of a delay… four more months… It is good they are fixing all the bugs, I just take it kinda hard because I would have bought the alpha for full price… limited content, bugs, and all :’(

I do hope we get to know why they chose to delay though. I wonder if they just can’t finish the content in time, or if they want to hunt down as many bugs as they can, or pr reasons


Wish they’d tell the community themselves.


Has it even been confirmed by a dev, I wouldn’t sweat about it until it is


No! The game seemed to run great in alpha! Don’t break our hearts devs…


I don’t think that’s a fair assessment of where the game is actually at within the studio. Who knows how old the PC alpha build was? From my experience, Alpha / Beta builds can be several months behind what they actually are working on in the studio. Also, tons of things were noticeably disabled. I think they just wanted us to experience the core gameplay with the characters that had the smallest learning curves.


Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. (TTWO), maker of the Grand Theft Auto video-game, posted quarterly results that beat analysts’ estimates, while saying a new shooter game, Evolve, will be delayed until after the holidays.

Don’t need a dev to confirm TTWO just did for them.