Evolve Dedicated Servers will be shutting down 9/3/18


I hate, and I mean hate that the jetpacks use up fuel when going up cliffs… I’ve gotten used to it now, but it’s still frustrating.

I miss my elite skins in Stage 2. Slim’s golden wings will be sorely missed.


My main man Renegade Abe will become dust in the wind :sob:


I feel you, Magnus.


Same here :frowning:


I’m in a bit of a predicament with Legacy. While I would love to play it with other people, I also feel like I would make the matches less fun for everyone, cause I’m basically a Legacy noob. I only got into the game with Stage 2. Whereas everyone else seems to be a Legacy veteran or far more experienced than me anyway.


Get it anyway! Just because your a ‘legacy noob’ doesn’t mean a thing. It isn’t that much different from Stage 2 so you wouldn’t be in over your head. I only got Legacy a few months ago. I’d like to play it with you if you got it.


It won’t be too bad. Even I feel like it’ll be like re-learning the old game and I’m nervous about it, I’ve forgotten so much. But, while there are good changes made for Stage 2, Legacy is more for harder-core players anyway.


What Sledge said. Aside from some Quality of Life features, the biggest differences are that there is no planet scanner which means you need to use your eyes and ears more when tracking the monster (I.E. listening for Spotters and seeing broken trees as well as watching for wildlife running to/away from things), assaults have 100% invulnerability instead of a damage reduction for the duration of their skill, supports have an AoE stealth field instead of adding shields, and trappers are MUCH more important since they are not only the ones who can dome the monster, but the dome lasts for 60 seconds or when the trapper gets downed whichever comes first)


It doesn’t change so much from S2. META is just slower, that’s the main difference. Other things are that jetpack is used even to climb and roach walls, and ofc, the trapper it’s a real trapper on Legacy.

Other difference are secondaries.


yes, that is the Legacy version.


I had been considering trying to play again, since my time was starting to come back to me in the evenings. But honestly, for me, legacy is a worse experience and one that I don’t wish to go back to, so the servers going off for stage 2 is the proper final death of evolve for me, sad to say.

I respect that some do prefer legacy, that’s your right, not interested in a discussion on that here, just giving my two pennies about what the servers going down means to me in reality now.

Thanks for all the memories, evolve, I’ll always hold you in high regard.


why tought? is he a cheater? a jerkass? or does he just sucks?


Kelder is just the nickname for Elder Kraken. He was left (On legacy) in a VERY dominate position.


Something like that.
Any variant of Kraken = 312874713552650240


The community of the haters is even more stubborn than I am, and it’s still as misinformed/uninformed (and sometimes stupid) as ever.
Someone even called me a “fanboy de merde” because I keep making counter-arguments against someone who said that “the devs deserved it”.
This is madening to me.


You’re going to have to move along or let go. It’s not worth the frustration you’re holding on to.


Now I’m hesitant after what you said…but no one likes to be insulted, I’ve already reported the person who insulted me as well, but I don’t know how long it would take since Jeuxvideo.com is a big website full of obscene morons.


To be honest, who cares about being insulted? Thats just your pride talking. Reporting someone for insulting you seems like a really petty thing in all honestly. Like Mountain said, just move on.


That’s still the right thing to do.


According to who? If you believe in Jesus, the right thing is to turn the other cheek. If you are in Azerbaijan, you can get up to 2 years in ‘corrective labor’. Lebanon could fine up to $66,400. Bahrain states you could get up to 7 years in prison. Unless the insult is REALLY damning and the site has REALLY strict ToS, nothing will happen. Best to move on in my opinion.