Evolve Dedicated Servers will be shutting down 9/3/18


Evolve Stage 2 was anyway not a good game. I played it just because the players were there and I was addicted to Evolve!

With the shutdown of S2 we can finally go back to the normal Evolve and can setup some nice games over P2P.

Just make sure, if you see Kelder, quit the game!


Pick one.

Pings are already bad now with dedicated servers sometimes, to the point of the game being barely playable a few times if you don’t play with people in your same region, I don’t even wanna imagine what it would be like over a P2P connection.
Since many of my Evolve friends are not from my region, I guess my Evolve days will be over starting from September 3.


So we can still save the game by creating a community server? Like saving the profile of every player?


P2P gets way too much hate! Maybe its because ppl dont know much about this technology. Peer to peer with hole punching is great in my opinion. You reduce latency by four times!

I really cant understand why people love dedicated servers. It just gives the publisher the ability to turn off the game!


Will i be able to play hunt 2.0 and how many will be playing legacy for i really want to keep playing this game


I was a big fan of evolve. but i have pretty much sever my emotional connections to it by now. I am sad to see it shut down but im not devastated. Was a great game though.

if this was news about 1 yyear ago, this would be how i would have felt : https://youtu.be/Gd9OhYroLN0?t=26


Same, much love friends. Been a while, but I had some amazing times with Evolve.



I don’t think you realise what’s going on, @Garratose.
This, for me, is not how I would pay respect to something, by posting an image/gif.
If I want to pay respect, I say things from my heart, in texts, with gestures, and feelings.


To be fair, some people are speechless and choose to express themselves through a series of images and/or gestures. It’s not as tactful, but it works.




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I mean, I have a backup of the files steam puts on our computers, but I don’t know if that is enough. I’ll be doing a ton of reading over the next few months to see if that may be viable.

That said, I am kind of wondering now how they are going to make stage 2 unplayable - I mean if the files are still there it should still boot, server or no server. The only issue would be the servers and I’d assume the profiles. I guess on that one we will have to wait and see.


Um. From what I’ve seen stage two will still be playable p2p… but ranked and store functions will be gone… So it should be as playable as legacy… from what i have read… :slight_smile:


My understanding is that s2 will be completely unplayable as you’ll have no server access.

But we’ll see what happens.


If 2K says stage 2 is being shut down, it won’t be playable anymore. They told us exactly what’s staying and what’s going. I’m not really grieving at all, I’m still playing Legacy now and I’m still gonna play it peer-to-peer when the dedicated servers close. Really I see nothing to worry about. I know how hard TRS worked on S2, but I don’t feel bad, were better off with 1 version of the game anyways. There is literally no point to keep a beta/unfinished version around.


What you’re saying is not cool for Evolve. I like Stage 2 more than Legacy.


Depends on how you look at it,the community will no longer be split up on the other hand there will be some people who have no idea on how to play legacy. Legacy feels more balanced in my opinion but the hunters will have to use differant strategys rather than just runing and guning. It could be for the better,don’t get me wrong I love stage two but legacy feels a bit better in my opinion.


I’ve played Legacy for a bit since yesterday and I’ve actually enjoyed it a lot. I didn’t even know Jack had a visible face!

I’m surprised the edition I bought seems to include all the hunters and monsters too (except for Slim, I think, but who cares, Caira is bae).

The trappers’ tracking device is actually needed and we have lots of maps! The visibility was hugely improved in Stage 2, to be honest, there is a lot of foliage and tall plants that obscure your vision quite a bit, but I could get used to that.

I don’t like how flying up cliffs uses up fuel, though.