Evolve Dedicated Servers will be shutting down 9/3/18


Yeah, I just bought mine from there (got one for my brother too, for when he gets a new gaming laptop so we can Evolve together).

I activated it and I’m downloading the game as we speak.


If anything else talk to @ScornfulEpex we are looking for people to play


If you need a mediocre medic and an even worse assault, I’m down.


tbh i dont understand 2ks statement.

i didnt spend any keys yet… if i’m not gonna do that, i wont be able to play snow behemoth or unlock the body skins anymore?

when they go back to evolve 1.0 will my hunters and monsters be level 40 or will they turn that back too?


It’s all in french, but the comments section is filled with blind hate. I have made a pavé to tell them how mad I am at the haters, with their tasteless jokes and their hate. They have induced myself with pure hate.


Ah, this is horrible news, I wish they could have been more transparent from the beginning instead of keeping people’s hopes up.


Someone knows some rich bastard which could afford the entire franchise and hire a dev studio to continue the development ?


Such a shame to hear. I understand why 2K would do it, but still.
I feel like playing some Legacy Evolve next week, hopefully my new computer is ready by then and I can play with some familiar faces.


Yep, exactly my thought. Laz and Sunny gonna rock. Well, Sunny even more now.


-nope im not in the right thread-


i just read on pcgamer and i quote " turtle rock studios pulled the plug on stage 2" and 2k just decided to shut the servers down. wtf is 2k up to?


You know, I have been thinking a lot about things, and I wonder if there is any way to do a fan server like demons souls did. They say stage 2 will be completely unlpayable, but hypothetically if all the files are still there it should be playable. It would just need a server.

Anybody know how that worked with demons souls? I’m down to dedicate some free time and effort to learning how to support this myself if I can figure it out. Either way, I backed up copies of everything, just in case.


Unless someone on this forum who is super dedicated to evolve wins one of those hundred million dollar jackpots it’s not gonna happen unless by “knows” you mean has kidnapped their first/favourite child.



Must come to an end…


Rest in spaghetti
Never forghetti

All there is to hope for is a sequel years away. Until then, if it even happens, I’ll hinernate as I wait for the next TRS game with a much better publisher. Support game devs. Vote with your wallets and share your favorite games around.


It could be worse…they could remove Legacy completely and not let anyone play it period. In that regard I’m glad they’re leaving up customs peer-to-peer, just played Legacy with 5 friends tonight and had a blast. Hopefully more people will show interest.


Wow, ok… Been playing this game for years, this is for real the only game that I ever became stuck to for this long, and I’m very upset I get to experience the very sad and tragic end of it, I don’t want this to happen, it DOESN’T NEED to happen.
This game means too much to me, I’m very emotionally attached to it…

I started off on Legacy on PS4, then I got myself a PC to be able to play Stage 2, it became very addicting with all the new modes, hunters/monsters & maps. There was so much new stuff to do so being busy having fun with it was no question! (altough I’m still very sad Kraken didn’t get his changes he needed :c)

I remember I was playing Stage 2 while having a job at the same time last summer, I stayed up all night being on Evolve and I slept over almost everyday, I was late so often, I ended up losing my job haha, but it was so worth it. I’m glad I’ve spent as much time on Evolve as I have.

I sold my PC awhile ago, wanting to get a better one which could run this game on highest of everything to make it look as beautiful as it deserves to. So I haven’t been able to play for a while. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it in time before they shut it down. Maybe I’ll have a month or two to play the hell out of it.

I know we’ll still have Legacy, but will they remove ranked Hunt from there aswell?
I’m not really into custom games due to everyone fights over monster spot, and thats the only thing I play… And of course I want to be able to play on my own & search for my own matches :confused:

Also, yes I made a new account. Old one was EvolveUniverse, I just wanted my original gamertag that I use everywhere now, very sad that you just couldn’t change it so decided to make a whole new account instead.

Love you.


Damn it I wasn’t going to comment here because honestly I’ve not been paying attention to evolve in the past year but that Goliath gave me the feels.


Would need someone like him to see if they can hack it. I’m guessing the security is a bit better in Evolve but hey you never know. 2k will also no doubt be removing the ability to even install stage 2 so a backup would have to exist and be spread around which makes things a bit harder again. Not for hardcore fans admittedly.